The Coach’s Wife Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: The Coach’s Wife is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age and any resemblance to individuals, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are offended by stories containing sexual content please do not continue.


The Coach’s Wife

Chapter 2 — Mrs. Ella Albright serves more than breakfast in the kitchen.

In the days that followed Devon’s first experience with a mature woman, life went on as usual. Mrs. Albright treated him as she always had, with perhaps a bit more affection, but he may have been reading more into it than was actually there. She had always been warm and welcoming — treated him like family — and the fact that he’d filled her mouth with a sizable amount of cum hadn’t seem to change any of that.

The morning after the incident, Devon Daniels had a difficult time looking any of the Albright’s in the face. He expected an outburst an any moment that would see him kicked out of the house, and even worse, off the team. Yet, nothing happened. In fact, everyone was cheerful, as if Bruce returning home drunk had never happened.

The next few days were filled with plenty of chores; cleaning out an old shed, painting a fence, and mowing the lawn. The work wasn’t difficult, just time consuming. Jeff and Devon could’ve completed the tasks in half the time if they would have spent less time fartin’ around and more time working.

The shed had proved to be more fun that Devon had first thought. They rummaged through drawers of screws, bolts, and other hardware, sorting them as per Coach Albright’s instructions. The old structure proved to be a treasure trove of memories for Jeff. In a closet he found his first ball glove and bat that had been given to him as a toddler, and in another spot he located a collection of drawings he’d done as a young student.

“These sure bring back a lot of memories,” Jeff said, thumbing through the art work.

Devon, looking over his shoulder, hummed and hawed, commenting jokingly on each masterpiece. “I can see you were improving year-to-year,” he said, sarcastically.

“Yeah, I was pretty good and…”

“Numb Nuts, I was joking. Those are terrible. I can’t believe your parents kept them.”

Jeff suddenly dropped the items that were on his lap to the ground, and took after his friend. It wasn’t a fair race. Devon was considerably faster than Jeff and knew he could bob and weave his way out of his friend’s hands, but they were both stopped by Ella at the back porch. She wore a lose fitting, button-up, cotton blouse and matching shorts that extended to her knees.

“Doesn’t look like much work is getting done, boys,” she said, grinning knowingly. “Doesn’t matter to me how quickly you finish, but I’m betting your dad will want it done before he gets home tonight.”

By now, Jeff had Devon in a half nelson and was playfully spinning him about. “Yeah, Mom. We’ll get it done…right, D?”

“Uh…uh…you bet,” he squeaked, as Jeff applied more pressure.

“Well, that’s fine. Come in and get a cold drink when you’re ready,” Ella concluded.

“Will do. Thanks,” said Jeff, while releasing his buddy.

Returning to the shed, the young men continued throwing out that which they considered to be junk and sorted the rest into piles for Bruce to peruse later. In the middle of a work bench a single drawer had been fashioned with a paddle lock, which was locked at the moment.

“What’s in there?” Devon asked his friend.

“Let’s see, maybe gold, silver, trinkets from the orient. You know…stuff like that,” Jeff paused for effect before he finished his bit of teasing. “No…it’s porn, you idiot. It’s always porn.”

“Like I didn’t know that, but what’s so special about this stuff that your dad has it locked up?” Devon questioned, while testing the lock to make sure it was secure.

“Hell, how am I suppose to know?” Jeff replied, seeming quite unconcerned about the stash.

Devon, not to be dissuaded inspected the lock and drawer more carefully. “Doesn’t it bother you? I mean…not knowing what’s in there. Doesn’t that kinda bug you?”

Jeff stopped what he was doing and turned back to face his bud. “No…not really. I’ve been around the stuff my whole life. Sometimes I like looking at it, as you know, but I can live with or without it…unlike you.”

“Dick-head, I can live without it,” Devon complained. “I just like…”

“Yeah, I know what you like, you perv. Come on, let’s get this done so we can have some lunch and maybe shoot some hoops.”

Devon wandered away from the bench and proceeded to help Jeff stack a bunch of wood scraps against an inner wall. However, in very short order he found himself back at the drawer with a screwdriver in his hand. There was just enough of a gap to insert the blade between the drawer and bench, which is exactly what the boy did.

Jeff was adrift in a pile of old rags and coveralls and had briefly lost track of Devon, but when you turned to see his friend, peering illegal bahis through a quarter inch gap above the locked drawer, he freaked.

“D, what are you doing? If you break that, or my dad can tell you were in there, he’ll kill us. Really…he will kill us.”

“Ah…come on. There’s no way he’ll know we took a look, and anyway, there’s some different stuff in here.”

“Damn it, D…” Jeff grumbled.

“Jeff, grab a flashlight. Let’s just take a little look.”

Against his better judgment, Jeff complied with his friend’s request and retrieved a flashlight. “Don’t you damage that drawer or break the lock,” Jeff warmed, handing the light to Devon.

Both boys peered through the narrow slit that Devon had created with the screwdriver. He lifted it slightly more, adding just a bit more leverage. “You see,” Devon noted, excitedly. “There’s stuff in here we’ve never seen.”

Jeff was less enthusiastic, but also took note of some books and other paraphernalia he’d never discovered. “What’s that?” Jeff asked, drawing D’s attention to a cylindrical device that was about seven inches long with some kind of silicone adapter on the end.

“Hell if I know. There’s some books…” D said, moving the light slightly right and left to fill the deep drawer. “That one had a woman and a German Shepherd on the cover…gross. Hey…what are those,” Devon asked, aiming the light at a stack of Polaroid photos.

Jeff did his best to get a better view but was hindered by the angle. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Anyway, we better leave this shit alone. Come on, let’s finish and do something fun.”

Yet, not knowing was more than Devon could take. “Jeff, what if we…what would happen if we…” As the boy talked, he sat the flashlight on the bench and pulled the drawer open that was underneath the locked one. It easily slid out and was filled with old lawnmower manuals and the like. Slipping it completely free from its rails, Devon sat it aside. He did the same with one more drawer, which left a sizable gap between the porn-filled drawer and the cabinet’s base.

“D, you are going to get us in so much trouble,” Jeff hissed, while looking out a window to watch for intruders.

Devon ignored the pleading and reached his hand as far into the empty space as he could, trying desperately to get his hand into the suspicious drawer from the back end. “It’s open, I can get my fingertips over the lip, but can’t…”

Not to be deterred, the young man knelt before the cabinet and pushed his head and right shoulder as far as he could into the space vacated by the two drawers. Twisting his wrist and elbow at an awkward, painful angle he was finally able to get his hand, just barely, through the narrow gap at the rear of the drawer.

“I can feel…I can…wait, I think I’ve got something.”

Devon’s fingertips had managed to locate the stack of Polaroids that were at the rear of the drawer. Carefully flexing his fingers toward his palm he was able to lift two photos from their hiding place. “Got ’em,” he said, excitedly.

“Well…what have you found?” Jeff asked, still keeping an eye out.

Devon pulled free from the confines of the cabinet and sat on his haunches. In his hand he held two photos, each taken in dim light that caused the images to be badly shaded. Yet, there was no denying the woman in each picture was Ella Albright. In the first, she was seated in a chair that Devon immediately recognized as being in the Albright living room. She was naked from the waist down and her legs were spread wide. She wore a sweater that was pulled up above her bra-covered tits, exposing a deep valley of cleavage. Upon closer inspection, Devon was able to make out something in Ella’s right hand. It was the oddly shaped device the boys had seen in the drawer, and Jeff’s mom had it buried half way into her pussy. The makeshift dildo must have been pleasing, as she was smiling seductively while looking at the camera.

“Okay, what did you find? What are they?” Jeff asked again.

“Oh…nothing really,” Devon replied, sliding the second picture in place of the first. It was another likeness of Ella, her shirt off and tits exposed. Devon’s cock immediately rose to attention, pushing against the cut-off jeans he was wearing. The young man had never imagined a pair of tits could be so beautiful. Even with the quality of the image being ridiculously lacking, Ella’s breasts were a sight to behold. Each was creamy white, without the hint of a blemish, and they were capped with the biggest nipples the boy had ever seen, which was quite something given the thousands of images he’d inspected over his short lifetime.

Unlike the first photo, Ella was not looking at the camera but had her head tilted down and she was licking the thumb-sized nipple of her right breast. Devon’s heart raced as the image burned into his memory. He couldn’t imagine anything more titillating than seeing Mrs. Albright cupping her own succulent tits…and there she was illegal bahis siteleri doing just that. Her hands appeared miniature in comparison and were filled to overflowing with the fullness of her unusually large bust. The young man stared at the grainy picture, forcing every minute detail into his impressionable mind. He lingered on the way she was squeezing them, causing the dark nipples to seemingly jump from the instant camera’s image.

For a few minutes, Devon was speechless but the sound of Jeff asking to take a look startled him. “Dude, come on…what have you got?”

“Nothing you’d be interested in. I’ll just put them back and…” Devon explained, his voice sounding somewhat distant.

“No…let me see,” the Albright boy pushed.

Devon quickly stuffed his shoulder into the hole as he’d done before and flicked the pictures back through the slit at the back of the drawer. When he emerged Jeff was standing in front of him, an unpleasant look on his face.

“Thanks…thanks a lot,” said Jeff, tersely.

Devon patted him on the shoulder and tried to make him smile. “It wasn’t anything you would have enjoyed. Just some random pictures of a couple of ugly chicks.”

“So, why have you got a boner then?” Jeff asked, pointing at the obvious bulge at his friend’s crotch.

“Because I’m not very particular,” D concluded, while shoving the withdrawn drawers back where they belonged.

Jeff, still annoyed, returned to the task at hand and grabbed a broom to clear some cobwebs. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and get us a couple of Cokes? I’m dying of thirst,” Jeff said, a more welcoming ring returning to his tone.

“I can do that,” Devon replied, reaching down to adjust his equipment before he left the shed. “I’ll be back shortly. I’m supposed to phone my mom before noon. I’ll do that, grab some drinks, and be back in a few minutes.”

“Fine…get going then,” Jeff said, swatting D on the butt with the broom’s end.

At the back porch, Devon kicked off his shoes and opened the screen-door that led to the kitchen. Entering he found Ella at the sink, finishing up the dishes from their breakfast. She nodded a quick hello, letting her eyes wander over the boy.

“How’s it going out there?” she asked, using the back of her left hand to brush back her bangs. “Getting it done?”

“Oh yeah, it’s going okay, I guess,” Devon said, his mind suddenly flashing Ella’s bare tits for him to see. “I…I mean Jeff wanted me to get us a couple of tits. It’s pretty hot out there and he says he’s dying of thirst.”

Mrs. Albright stopped what she was doing and turned to face the young man. She had a wickedly sinister look about her and was smiling oddly. “A couple of tits?” she asked, her smile broadening.

“Tits? No…did I say tits?” Devon stammered. “No, no, no…I meant to say Cokes. We need a couple of cokes.”

“Are you sure?” the mother asked, devilishly. “I think I’ve got either. Which would you rather have?” As she questioned the boy, she pushed her arms together, tightening the fabric over her bosom. The effect was immediate, as Devon’s erection returned, straining against his jeans.

“I think Jeff would rather have a Coke,” Devon managed, unsure what else he might say.

Ella turned back to the dishes but gave one last lingering look at the boy’s crotch. “I can see you’re less interested in a Coke, but suit yourself. There are some cold drinks in the fridge.”

“Thanks, Mom. Before I get them can I call my mom. I told her I’d check in before noon.”

“Of course, help yourself,” she said, tipping her head to indicate the phone that was hanging near the refrigerator.

As he dialed, Mrs. Albright finished the dishes, wiped her hands with a nearby towel, and left the room. Devon walked to the sink and looked across the backyard. The phone cord stretched easily across the room; the coiled extension swaying between the handset and receiver. After several rings a woman’s voice answered at the other end.

“Hello,” Mrs. Daniels said.

“Hey, Mom. It’s me,” Devon said brightly.

“Oh, Son…how are you? I was hoping I’d hear from you today.”

“Well, I said I would, so here I am.”

“I should have known you’d remember. How are things going? Are you driving your hosts crazy?”

Devon paused for a second, wondering if he was, but replied, “I don’t think so. They’ve been very…”

Just as the boy was about to finish his sentence a pair of delicate hands reached around his waist and slipped into his pant pockets. Surprised, he dropped the phone but managed to keep it from hitting the floor. Ella used the leverage she gained by having her hands in his pockets to pull herself against him, crushing her boobs to his mid-back. She grinned mischievously at Devon when he turned to see what was going on.

Mouthing the words, ‘finish your call’, Ella used her fingertips to tease the boy through the lining of his pockets. Instantaneously, she got the desired result she was seeking. canlı bahis siteleri His thick cock grew across his hip, pushing the jean material aside to fill Ella’s left palm with a rigid cock. She moaned lowly when the boy’s sudden hardness and warmth spread through the thin fabric to her skin.

At a total loss, Devon didn’t know which mom to address. The hands in his pants had locked his jaw and he seemed unable to speak to either of them.

“Devon, talk,” Mrs. Albright finally said, in a very hushed whisper.

Haltingly, the boy tried to speak with his mother, who was beginning to wonder what was happening on the other end of the line. “Um…um…yeah, Mom. It’s been great. Baseball is keeping me busy and I’m helping out around their house.”

Miriam Daniels was pleased to hear that all was well with her boy. “When is the first game? I’ll try to make it but…”

Devon interrupted his mother so she didn’t have to make up an excuse. “I know it’s a long ways to come. If you can make it that would be great but I know you’re busy.”

“I’ll see how it goes. Dealing with your father has been more than I’d bargained for and work is…well, you know, work is work.”

“Yeah, is there anything I can do for you or the other kids?” Devon asked, trying to concentrate on anything but what was happening in his pants.

“That’s sweet of you to ask, but we’re doing well. Of course, we’re missing you,” his mother replied, her voice cracking under a blanket of emotional strain.

“Okay, so I’ll call later in the week and see what’s up. Bye for now,” Devon said, completing his call. As he did, Ella took advantage of the moment and squeezed his cock tightly. She couldn’t very well jack him off but knew if she manipulated his shaft just right he’d be cumming in no time.

“Um…Mrs. Albright,” Devon eeked out. “You surprised me.”

“Did I now?” she asked, tightening her grip. “Remember D, call me mom,” she said, correcting the boy. “It makes me hot.”

“Right…right,” he agreed. “Jeff will be looking for his drink.”

“Can you see out the window?” Ella asked, knowing he could.


“Jeff can likely see you then. Just keep and eye out and pretend you’re still on the phone. I’ve got an idea.” With that said, Ella slipped her hands from D’s pockets and quickly undid his belt. She remained behind him, her cleverly adroit fingers working to free his throbbing penis. “Is that better?” she asked when the boy’s shaft popped from his shorts.

“Much,” he sighed. “But what if…”
“I’ll make this quick,” said Ella assuredly, cutting Devon off from making a weak protest.

With her arms around the boy’s narrow waist, she milked his cock slowly from root to broad-rimmed head. Gripping the base firmly, she playfully ran a finger of her other hand around the head’s spongy circumference, pausing at the tight ribbon of skin that stretched along the underside of his prick. She thrilled at the way his straining member pulsed and jerked against her tender touch. “So thick,” she whispered, her sweet voice sounding more and more hollow.

Devon was enjoying the attention, his entire being focused on the mounds pressed against his back and his aching cock. “Mom, that feels so good,” he said in a hush.

“Good. You like these big tits pressed against your back?” she asked.

Thinking about the picture Devon had seen of Ella’s magnificent rack, he couldn’t help but imagine what they might feel like pressed up against him naked, but as they were it was still overwhelming. “Yeah, so big.”

Ella knew her time was limited but was determined to see Devon cum. Peeking to one side, she watched her hands roam over the boy’s cock. Again, securing the base, she whipped her other hand up and down the engorged shaft. Faster and faster she pumped, sensing the lad was about to empty his balls. “D…you gonna shoot a big load for me?” she asked, through gritted teeth.

“You…you want me to…right here?” he asked, excitedly.

“Yeah, Baby…give mommy a big load for her trouble. You want to show me how far you can shoot your spunk?”

“Oh…oh…Mom, I’m cumming,” he shrieked, dropping the phone and reaching for the counter around the sink to stabilize himself.

Ella didn’t skip a beat, but plowed on, both hands working in a fit of fury up and the boy’s bloated cock. The purple head ballooned and stretched to a high sheen against Ella’s ministration, and his cock was so hard it hurt.

“Can’t stop…here it…cums…” Devon wailed.

“Shoot it, Baby…show me that load,” Mrs. Albright encouraged.

Suddenly, the cock in her fists tightened to a firmness that even surprised the experienced woman. She gleefully watched the head swell and the first few clear drops of pre-cum drip to the floor. Biting her lower lip, she jacked the cock even faster and then it happened — the first of 10 or 12 volleys of thick, ropy cum shot from the boy’s cock. The first hit the cupboards beneath the counter-top. Ella adjusted slightly, tipping the missile higher to launch into the sink. The second and third rocketed over the sink and splashed on the window, bringing an audible gasp from Ella’s lips.

“My heavens, Boy! Keep it coming,” she growled, her voice quite husky.

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