The Body’s Abyss Ch. 01

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Welcome to another chapter of ‘The Body’s Abyss’ thank you so much for the comments left on the last chapter. : ) I enjoyed reading them and loved the feedback. I will continue to have a disclaimer in all of my chapters so you know just what you are in store for. I shall put them in italic’s as well, just so they stick out a bit more. ; )

This chapter may be a bit lengthy simply because this shall be the chapter that gets most of the non-sexual aspects out there. We will learn a bit more about the characters, now there may be a little bit of sexual aspects in this chapter but we won’t be getting into any of the real fun just yet. Things to look out for in this chapter will be masturbation and fantasized male cross dressing. Now when I say fantasized ‘etc’ I mean a character shall be fantasizing about it, versus it actually happening in the story. Just in case anyone was confused by it. : ) We will also be looking through the eyes of the dear sister in this chapter.

Now, enjoy dear readers. – Cass


The twenty two year old female sighed, hoping that would help release the sever depth of her bored. It did not, a soft groan escaped next as she allowed gravity to take her and slumped against the back of the desk chair. Scattered papers in front of her covered the face of the desk, the plywood below it barley noticeable. College was…frustrating to say the least, work piled on to work was all it really felt like. The young woman’s grey blue hues stared dully at the ceiling above her, a mechanical pencil dangling loosely between her fingers. Aleeha had just entered her second year of her stay at the University of South Carolina, her studies revolving around Sociology. The study of human reaction had always interested her, in more then one way she supposed. Leaning forward towards the desk she gripped to her pencil, tapping it idly against the desk. With her free hand, slender fingers ran idly through the slightly curled auburn hair. The ends of her hair curled just by her shoulders, it was a length she enjoyed, not too long but not too short either. Her plump lower lip slide under her front teeth, chewing ever so lightly on it while she stared at the homework demanding to be done.

Another frustrated sigh and she dropped her pencil to throw her hands in the air. “Fuck this.” the young woman grumbled as she pushed herself up and away from the desk. Having just got back from class perhaps an hour or so she was still dressed in a pair of comfortable fitting faded blue jeans, a earthy green spaghetti strapped tank top with lace at the top and bottom, and just a pair of earthy brown flats. Luckily she managed to get the shared dormitory room to herself, her roommate much more of a social butterfly. Not that it bothered her of course, she quite enjoyed her alone time for various reasons of course.

Heading towards the door to the dorm she paused just a second to grab her small bag, through it over her shoulders and headed out of the door. When her frustration built up like this there was really only one way to calm herself down. To many it looked like a normal habit, a young girl sitting and writing without a care in the world. But ah…there was so much more to Aleeha’s writing, much more then she ever let anyone read. Acting upon them…well now that was a different story for another time. Soft thuds against the tile floor, out another door and down some stairs she was officially on the ground on the outside world. A soft smile pulled on her plump soft pink lips, oh so many people were out today. This would be fun indeed, chuckling lightly to her own insensitive before heading to where she usually took roost.

Settling underneath the shade thankfully given by the trees, Aleeha sat her bag down beside her on the bench. Unzipping it to pull out her dark red binder, it was clear it had been used for many illegal bahis years. It was tattered and torn, hardly able to hold itself together anymore, but she loved this binder. Perhaps it was odd to feel such a way about an object, but this binder had kept many of her secrets through out middle school, and through out high school it still did that but also hid her desires from the world. Until this day it was still doing that for her, so yeah…she felt a certain sense of gratitude towards the binder.

Opening the binder she plucked the black pen that was nuzzled in one of the inside pockets, flipping through the papers until she settled on a blank one. Crossing her ankles the young woman lifted her head to look at the people around her, so many really were out today and why not? The weather was being quite generous, it was sunny with a soft breeze so one didn’t get too hot or too cold. Those grey blue eyes settled on another sitting in the area, he was perhaps about 5’10, average body, freckles danced over his skin, bright red hair shone against the sun.

Licking her lips as the wheels in her head began to turn, the pen began to glide against the paper. Red was definitely this guys color.

I was quite pleased with the way the color stood out against his pale skin, what a vision it was. His chest was bare, though a red hemp rope did hold his arms behind him in a reverse prayer position. The rope made it so that his arms were behind him, hands in between the shoulder blades with his wrists touching. The taunting idea that only his fingers were free and yet still useless was just a fun way of teasing for me. Bright red sheer fishnet stockings adorned the young male’s legs, the elastic at the top of his thighs let the stockings stay up on their own. I had forced him to wear of pair of simple black heels, it really did just help the red to pop out even more.

Now I didn’t have him completely naked, there was another piece to this outfit. That was the panties I had him wear, they were the exact bright red as his stockings, ruffles lines all along it with a small black bow at the top in the middle. It snuggled his package lovingly, restraining it in the softest way imaginable.

I lick my lips as my eyes slowly scan the body before me, oh he did just look adorable. That humiliated look on his face, that refusal to even look at her. Oh he really was just delicious, I wanted nothing more then to run my tongue over those stockings. Moving slowly upwards until I reached the real prize smuggled away from sight. Moving slowly I approached the young man, watching him squirm, uncomfortable and unsure of just what I may do to him. Reaching out I run my fingers gently over his –

A loud ringing brought Aleeha from her fantasy writing, blinking a moment as her brain seemed to have to adjust to the world around her. Oh! Her phone was ringing, quickly closing the binder she reached into her jean pocket to pull out her phone Groaning with annoyance, answering the phone, she slumped against the bench. “What do you want Vincent?” the annoyance was easily notable in her voice.

The male’s voice answered her, coming back in his usual cocky manner. Vincent had always been like this, always a cocky, know it all, every day run of the mill jerk. He tried too hard to fit in at school if you asked her, it warped his brain, made him into the complete asshole that he is today. Her older brother of twenty two held no respect for women what so ever and he never bothered to hide it. He was always acting out around them, deeming them free ‘game’, hardly ever taking no for an answer, just continuously harassing them until they said yes. Because apparently 100 no’s and yes, is still a yes to him, never mind the 100 no’s before that.

“Can’t I just call to be calling Aleeha?”

The young woman could just hear that cocky smile of his through the phone, illegal bahis siteleri it made her want to punch him. Growing up Vincent and her had the usual sibling relationship, they could tolerate each other only for so long before they were arguing and fighting about something. “Because you only call me when you want something, now what do you want? I’m busy.”

“Nothing, nothing. Just wanted to come see my sweet baby sister at college, and hope that she would let me stay with her.”

There was another motive behind that lie of his…but at the moment she could not place it…and she hadn’t seen him for a few months. Sighing once more as she chewed her bottom lip a moment. “I know there is something else that you want, so as long as you behave you can stay with me. But you know I live in the dorms still, so you will be sleeping on the floor. When are you coming?”

“Yeah, yeah we will see sis. I will be coming tomorrow mornin’. See ya then.”

And without being able to get another word in, she heard the click that ended their conversation. “….Dick.” Shoving her phone back in her pocket she looked back in the direction of the young male she had been writing about, only to find that he was gone. Ugh, Vincent just ruined everything! She was going to get somewhere really good with her writing. Grabbing her binder the young woman just shoved it back into the bag, standing and picking it up she headed back to her dorm room.

Entering the dorm room she noticed that it was still empty, hanging her bag back up by the door she closed it behind her. Glancing over towards the clock, ah 4:25, her room mate wouldn’t be out until 7:00. Well that would just give her plenty of time to finish what she had started earlier today. Pulling her phone out of her pocket she turned it on silent, setting it down on the desk by her bed. The way the room was laid out was there was a bed on either side, both in front of a window, one closet they had to share. Though the closet was big enough to fit one short dresser, so one large dresser sat against the wall by the closet. In between the two beds was a large desk, split in the middle by a divider.

Things were a little rough and difficult to adjust to at first, but once Aleeha realized just how often her room mate would be gone, she didn’t mind so much. She kept her area fairly neat, and never took anything of hers, so really what was she to complain about?

Moving towards the closet Aleeha turned slightly to the left, kneeling down to open the bottom drawer of the tiny, almost night stand worthy, dresser. Pulling out all kinds of folders until she reached the bottom, then she reached for a small silk bag, shut by pull strings. Putting the folders back she closed the drawer, then the closet door and went to settle on the bed.

Putting the purple silk bag down in front of her she opened it, pulling out a silicone 8″ black vibrator. Aleeha always cleaned her toys after she used them, really it was just the safe thing to do, even if you only used it on yourself. Most people didn’t just leave their sex toys around out in the open, they went into a hidden area, and god knows what was in that area. Dumping out a small bottle of simple spray cleaner that she bought from the sex shop, she took a quick moment to clean the toy. Then put the cleaner and bag up, sitting on the edge of the bed to remove her bra, simply unhooking it from under her tank, sliding the straps off, and pulling it out from under her shirt. Dropping the bra on the desk chair she settled back on the bed, the vibrator beside her.

Laying down the girl slipped her eyes closed, allowing the fantasy she had been writing down earlier to slip back into her mind. Her tongue ran softly over her lips as the images began to pool into her brain, her heart picking up pace just a bit, a familiar heat pooling at the pit of her stomach. canlı bahis siteleri The young woman’s breathing kept even as she began to run her fingers over her body gently. Sending off quick sensations that shot up and down her spine, gently groping her ample D cup breasts. A soft groan escaping from her, her heart raced faster, a familiar wetness pooling between her thighs.

Aleeha kept up the simple but sensual motions for a good few minutes, allowing her body to warm up for what was to come. Stroking the tips of her fingers over exposed skin, squeezing areas she knew were delicate, running her nails gently over her erect nipples. Of course her body reacted more when it was some one else doing it, simply because when it was herself she knew what was about to happen before it did. So rather meaning to or not, she braced herself, numbing the actual reaction. But that was ok, she could still feel herself growing wetter the more she teased and taunted her body.

Having pulled up her tank top to expose her bare breast, the young woman grasped her harden nipples between her fingers, squeezing until a soft moan was forced out of her, then twisting them slightly for another low groan. Moving one hand down her body, dragging her nails lightly against her skin as she did so, undoing the button to her jeans. Having to use both of her hands now Aleeha unzipped her jeans, gripping to the sides of them a bit as she wiggled her hips from side to side to squirm out of the jeans. When she finally got them off she left them where they were. Hooking her thumbs under the pair of black and blue stripped panties, the young woman squirmed out of those as well.

Now completely naked she felt much more free, a soft smile on her face as she enjoyed the sensation of fingers and nails over her skin once more. Though didn’t take nearly as long this time to dip her fingers between her legs, moving against the slickness, gasping softly when she moved against the swollen nub. Moving two fingers she began to move them in a circular motion over the nub, using just a bit of pressure, another moan as she felt her body growing hot. Moving lower the young woman slipped two fingers into her hole, a satisfied sigh escaping as she began to move the fingers in and out. It made her muscles tighten a bit as her heart raced faster, stomach twisting into a slow knots.

Pumping the fingers in and out with one hand, Aleeha used the other to begin groping her breast once more. Twirling the harden nipple in between her fingers, pinching it now and then when the time felt right to send a wave of pleasure through her body. Building up to an orgasm before stopping just before she came, pulling her fingers away to grab the vibrator beside her. Breathing heavily as her chest moved up and down rapidly, the woman wasted no time in position the head of the silicone dick at her opening. Slowly pushing it in she gasped and arched her back just a bit at the different width and length then her own fingers. Her toes curling a bit the further she pushed the toy inside of her, her walls gripping tightly to the object. Gripping tightly to the base of it Aleeha began to pull it slowly out of her, gently probing her other breast now as she softly panted. As she pulled the toy out she twisted it just a bit, doing the same thing as she pushed it back inside.

Pumping the toy in and out of her wet opening she began to moan just a bit louder, arching her back as she pinched and pulled at her nipple. The orgasm building up faster and quicker now that something more fun had been introduced. Her body felt like it was on fire though rested on ice, her stomach ached a bit as it twisted into a tighter knot. Pumping the toy faster she felt the orgasm nearly there. At the same time she felt pleasure wash over her body, rocking her sense of reality, the door to her dorm room opened. Caught in mid orgasm, she couldn’t help but half moan and speak half in surprise as she say the face. Without meaning to she moaned the name loudly as her body locked up, the orgasm rushing through her. “Vincent!

Damnit. Her brother really did ruin everything.

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