Presenting…Anne’s Ass

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It was the first day of Anne and Nick’s summer “stay-cation”. Earlier, Anne had left work early to drop their teenagers off at her parent’s house for three nights. They had taken their kids on a family vacation to Europe in June, and would be heading to the beach in August.

This interlude in July allowed Anne and Nick an opportunity to enjoy their own house, on their own terms. In reality, it was better than a vacation because their favorite sex toys don’t travel. A bag full of chains and nipple clamps might attract unwanted attention from TSA agents. And, the double penetration fucking machine would definitely exceed the airline’s fifty pound weight limit.

Anne and Nick were now able to cut loose and have some summer fun. If they wanted to fuck on the couch at 7:00pm, they could. Anal sex on the kitchen table first thing in the morning? No problem! Sex toys could be utilized any time of day. And the best part, for Anne, was that she didn’t have to keep quiet during sex. Enjoying sex in hushed tones was quite difficult for her; by nature, Anne was a screamer. In short, for the next three days, anything and everything was possible.

Anne and Nick were very good parents. The kids always came first, often at the expense of their own sex life. Frequently, the most they could hope for were stolen moments… a quick ride in the car, a trip to the back room in the basement, or a secret “kinky day off” while the kids were at school. Early mornings and late nights were always available. But quiet, conventional sex in the bedroom didn’t always satisfy Anne’s kinkier needs. The July interlude was a welcome return to sexual freedom.

She made it home before Nick that day. After stripping, she ran out into the backyard, feeling footloose and fancy free. Having been born to hippies in the mid 60’s, Anne reveled in nudity. If the neighbors spotted her through the trees, it was their lucky day, as far as she was concerned. Anne scurried out to the middle of the yard, raised her arms and did a Mary Tyler Moore style twirl. Grabbing her favorite pool raft, she then stepped down into the pool, hoping to darken her tan. It was the perfect summer day; the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and it was 86 degrees.

Anne felt Nick before she saw or heard him. She must have fallen asleep on her favorite raft while floating in their pool. Lying face down, with her head to one side, she had suddenly become aware of a gentle touch between her legs. Fingertips brushed lightly across her labia in a soothing way, indicating that Nick hadn’t meant to startle her. More likely, he was just anxious for her to wake up and join him for some fun.

“Whoa, that was quite a stealth move. I’m impressed. ” Anne said, while stretching on the raft.

Nick chuckled, “You looked so peaceful, but I couldn’t wait any longer, Babe.” He continued to slowly stroke her pussy and bent to kiss her neck tenderly.

“Have you been waiting for a very long time?” she asked, feeling guilty.

He replied with humor in his voice, “Long enough to get a raging hard-on that I’d really like to shove inside your pussy, or mouth, or ass. Or better yet, how about all three?”

Anne opened her eyes to see her husband smiling down at her with affection. He too, was nude and her eyes were immediately drawn down to his fully erect dick. She reluctantly raised her eyes to return his loving look and craned her neck up to kiss him deeply.

“Well, how can I possibly resist such a romantic request? You’re quite the sweet talker.” She giggled, but stopped as two of his fingers, which had been confined to the outer portion of her pussy, breached through her intimate opening. “Fuuuccckkk! ” Anne cried out at the sudden invasion.

Nick knew exactly how to get Anne going. He withdrew his fingers a bit to circle around her hairless entrance. Then, he re-inserted his fingers and pumped away while he gently nibbled at her shoulder. Two fingers became three and he altered his technique to pull up against the posterior wall of her cunt. The “pussy grab” move had its intended effect.

Anne wailed through an orgasm, while struggling to keep afloat on her raft, which was quite a challenge. Her legs danced as her pussy trembled, causing the raft to violently lurch from side to side. Yet, she remained upright, with Nick’s help.

Nick looked predictably smug after he gifted her with a body shaking climax. Knowing it would be the first of many “stay-cation” orgasms made Anne even hungrier for the next. “Let’s see what we can do for you, Luv.”

She slipped off the raft, into the cool salt water. Grabbing her husband by his dick, she led him to the stairs, and out of the pool onto a lounge chair.

“Sorry Babe, no time for that. I made reservations for dinner, and we have to get going.” Nick effectively squashed Anne’s plans for returning the sexual favor. Being a generous lover, he had once again put Anne’s needs above his own.

Anne pouted, “But, I’m VERY horny and I need a good fucking!” She tended to be erotik film izle short tempered when on the prowl.

“Relax, I have special plans for tonight, and the kids will be gone for three days. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Nick knew that Anne would respond to the running analogy, although she was more of a sprinter, even over long distances.

The reference to “special plans” had Anne jumping and clapping her hands like a three year old. Licking her lips in anticipation, she asked, “Do your special plans include doing ‘unspeakably naughty’ things to me?”

“That’s generally the plan, yes,” her husband replied, with a sly grin on his face.

“Ok, I’ll be as patient as possible. So, where are we heading for dinner?” She hoped it was somewhere with quick service so they would have time for a long slow dessert at home.

“Our favorite Mexican hole in the wall, of course.” Nick replied. It was one of his favorite restaurants. They had the best margaritas in town which had preceded many a kinky night in the past. Since the food came out lickety split, Anne was on board and didn’t mind the interruption. After all, she hadn’t come up with a better dinner plan.

They both went in the house and dressed. It took an amazing amount of restraint on the part of Anne to not jump Nick in their bedroom. If he hadn’t mentioned the “special plans,” she would have. But, Anne knew he wouldn’t have used that particular term if it wasn’t true.

After arriving at the restaurant, they were shown to a table on the patio. At this point, it was dusk and fireflies hovered in the plants that hung from the railings on the edge of the eating area. There were assorted Mexican decorations scattered about the porch, authentic and not tacky.

When the waiter came, he asked if they wanted their “usual”. Anne and Nick both liked their margaritas on the rocks. Nick preferred salt. Anne did not. They put in their food order at the same time to speed up the process. Anne definitely had ants in her pants and was anxious to return home.

Their drinks arrived and Anne proposed a toast. “Stay-cation, all I ever wanted…” The Go-Go’s song had been stuck in her mind all day. She laughed at her own lame reference.

They both took a big swig. After pausing, Nick raised his glass for a second time. “I’d like to propose a toast to a very special anniversary. One year ago tonight, after eating in this very restaurant, you let me sodomize you for the first time.” He wagged his eyebrows suggestively.

Anne tilted her head and smiled at the memory. After doing a quick mental calculation, she realized it was very likely true. Nick wasn’t terribly sentimental about anniversaries, and Anne was surprised he had kept track of that particular date while she hadn’t. “Are you sure?” she replied while squirming in her seat. Her horniness had just jumped by a factor of ten.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure,” said Nick nodding vigorously. “It was exactly a year ago and the kids were at your parents’ house. We came here, sat at this very table and ordered the same dinner. Instead of one margarita, you went loco and had two. Best night ever!”

In retrospect, Anne had to admit that finally agreeing to anal had been a blessing. She had spent close to three decades rebuffing Nick’s efforts in that department. They were both physicians, so she usually resorted to clinical reasons when denying his repeated request… anuses have bacteria that could cause infection if spread to other intimate areas… they’re meant to be one way passages… his giant cock could do permanent damage to her sphincters…

When necessary, she resorted to a more heartfelt argument… only “dirty girls” have anal sex. Anne pointed out that she was definitely NOT a “dirty girl”. Nick, being a good natured fellow, never forced the issue. How could he? Anne loved sex, especially kinky sex. If the truth be told, she was far more deviant that he. Yet, he held onto his dream of anal with Anne for the last thirty years, never giving up hope.

That night, a year ago, the idea of a summer “stay-cation” had her throwing caution to the wind. So, she ordered a second margarita even though she knew her limits well. Being 95 pounds, she was generally a cheap date when it came to booze. Whether the second drink played a role in the events of the evening remained in question. It definitely lowered her inhibitions.

By the time she and Nick made it home that night a year ago, she ran up to the bedroom, threw off her clothes, jumped in the bed and LITERALLY begged Nick to fuck her in the ass. While she would have liked to forget her shameless behavior, she owned up to it completely. Nick wasn’t responsible for what had happened; it was totally her doing.

Even now, she had no idea what switch had flipped in her brain. Maybe all the years of Nick’s requests had finally broken through her reluctance. Possibly, it was the tequila talking. But, she felt more than just a passive acceptance of the act. At that moment, Anne truly yearned film izle for anal sex.

Perhaps it was her desire to make the “stay-cation” count for something. At that point in their lives, they had pretty much tried almost every sexual act out there. Anal was unchartered territory and, that night, she actually craved sodomy. Desperately and relentlessly she implored Nick to do the deed.

At the time, Nick looked at Anne as if she had grown three heads. While initially shocked at his wife’s actions, he couldn’t refuse her. Nick always indulged her requests, no matter how kinky. And so, he very lovingly placed her face down on the bed with her pelvis raised on a pillow. Years of hoping for this moment had left him with a general plan, in case his dream ever became a reality.

Grabbing the bedside lubricant (which was rarely needed for his sexed up wife), he applied a rather generous portion to the fingers on his right hand. Nick examined her brown pucker and briefly considered this might be a joke she was playing on him. “Babe, are you SURE you want to do this?” He asked with a heavy heart, expecting the worst.

Anne turned her head to look at him as he sat on his knees behind her. She understood his inner turmoil. Certainly, he didn’t want to take advantage of his wife while she was under the influence of tequila. Yet, he most definitely wanted to fuck her ass, of that she was sure.

“Yes Babe,” she said slowly and succinctly. “I want you to take my anal virginity. Stick your cock up my ass, thrust in and out, and then cum… inside me.” Anne figured that if she was perfectly clear, he would know this wasn’t some type of drunken stunt that she would regret in the morning.

Resolved to fulfill her very unambiguous demand, he loosened her up first with one finger, and waited for her to call a time out. Instead, she began to rock and moan in genuine pleasure. Nick decided to press his luck a bit further and inserted another finger. That only seemed to increase the force of Anne’s desire… “I need more, Baby, please!”

Going for the gusto, Nick added a third finger to prep her previously untried hole. His cock was quite large, and he had no intention of causing harm to his beloved wife.

For her part, Anne was beside herself with pleasure. She had enjoyed a good rimming in the past (and was more than happy to give one, in return), but never imagined the pleasure that came from true anal penetration. It was a completely new and exhilarating sensation. She had read about anal orgasms, but figured they were an urban legend. With three of Nick’s fingers pumping in and out of her ass, she began to suspect there was some truth to the claim.

When Nick felt she was adequately prepared, he patiently inserted his dick just past her external sphincter and paused. There was no way he was going to ruin it with a lack of self-control. However, at that point, Anne was so jacked up, she hadn’t felt a bit of discomfort.

At the time, Nick would have bet money that Anne would chicken out, but she didn’t. Rather, she pleaded for more… more of his hard cock in her ass. He knew the internal anal sphincter would pose a threat and so waited as her body briefly tensed. When she relaxed, he thrust in to the hilt.

“Oh God! Please don’t stop!” she cried. Anne wailed in pleasure and encouraged him to proceed. Later, she had explained to him that just the stretch from his big dick inside her rim caused a tremendous amount of sexual satisfaction. When his cock began to push and pull on the sensitive tissue, the pleasure was beyond anything she could have imagined. It was more than toe curling pleasure; it made her entire body writhe in anticipatory delight.

Anne’s first anal orgasm knocked the wind out of her, completely. It seemed to originate within her anal opening. But as it built, strength was gathered from her entire pelvis, particularly in the small of her back. In the end, the orgasmic convulsions in her ass and pussy rocked her entire body, uncontrollably as she screamed in ecstasy.

Nick held out, braving Anne’s orgasmic tsunami. On her third climax, he allowed himself to be swept away with her, and came in her ass. At that moment, Anne realized that she (a 50 year old well educated, articulate, respected physician, mother and devoted wife) WAS a “dirty girl”.

That night, Nick whispered his “thanks” to the gods of the summer “stay- cation”.

The addition of anal to their repertoire had opened up a whole new variety of sexual play. There were the obligatory toys: anal dildos, vibrators and her favorite, the anal hook. There were also a host of anal positions that would require proper testing.

Anne particularly loved being in front of a mirror… she frequently made Nick sit in an easy chair while she lowered her ass onto his dick. She was mesmerized by the reflected image of her ass swallowing his dick whole. Bouncing up and down while he stimulated her clit and fingered her pussy sent her over the orgasm edge repeatedly.

If ever seks filmi izle any person had done a total turn around on a subject, it was Anne… in regards to anal sex. In truth, she asked for it more than Nick was willing to give. At first, he insisted anal be saved for special occasions. But, he really did have a hard time saying “no” to Anne. She could be very persuasive, especially when demanding sex.

In the end, they compromised and settled on 2-3 times per week. Anne would have liked more, but Nick was concerned about the long term effects on her ass, and truly was a loving mate. In Anne’s opinion, anal orgasms were every bit as good as vaginal and clitoral orgasms, BUT the added taboo nature drove her especially crazy.

And so, a year later, they sat in the same Mexican restaurant, eating the same dinner, and drinking the same margaritas. They somehow managed to finish the beverages before dinner was served and the waiter inquired as to whether another round would be needed. Nick looked at Anne, smirked and ordered another two.

“Babe, I don’t know about another.” said Anne dubiously.

Nick replied, “It’s our ‘stay-cation’ and a special anniversary. You don’t have to finish it, you know.”

“Ha, ha, very funny,” she snorted. Anne always finished her drinks. But, Nick had a good point. Neither of them had to be at work in the morning, and the kids were gone. “Oh, what the hell,” she thought. She did take a moment to down a glass of water before the second drink was delivered.

They breezed through dinner, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. Even after thirty years together, Anne still found Nick to be the most handsome, smartest and funniest guy in any room. However, Anne was a bit distracted by the promise made to her earlier in the night, and shuddered at the thought of the “unspeakably naughty” acts that would come later in the evening.

As they rose to depart, Anne practically dragged Nick out by his arm. She wasn’t completely bombed from the second drink, but was more in the middle of the tipsy range. There would have been no second drink had she been driving. Nick, being a big guy at 6’2 and 215, was fairly unscathed.

In the car on the way home, Anne pulled down her jeans, brought her feet to the seat and splayed her legs. Subtlety was not her strong suit. Nick appeased her by fingering her pussy at red lights.

Before Nick had even turned off the car in the garage, Anne leaped out and sprinted into the house, shedding clothes as she ran. Nick laughed, knowing that he was about to throw her off kilter and wondered about her reaction to his devious plans.

He found her in the family room, naked and kneeling on the floor. Her head was down and her hands rested on her thighs. She waited, somewhat patiently. A true submissive she was not.

As Nick sat on the couch and turned on the TV, Anne looked up in horrified shock. He flipped through the channels until he found a baseball game, put his feet up and completely ignored his wife.

Anne actually stuttered as she spoke, “B-b-babe, what are you d-d-doing?”

“What does it look like, there’s a baseball game on TV.” He replied, without looking at her.

“But Babe, we’re home! The kids are away! It’s our summer ‘stay-cation’!”

When Anne got no response from her husband, she resorted to whining, as Nick had expected. “Babe, I’m so horny! Come on! PLEASE! You can watch a stupid baseball game anytime! They’re on practically every night!”

She jumped up and plopped on the couch next to him. Switching tactics, Anne began to kiss his neck softly and whisper in his ear. “I need to feel you inside of me… I’m so wet for you… Please, use all of my holes tonight… Whatever you want… “

“Whatever I want?” replied Nick casually, as he continued to focus on the baseball game.

Anne grabbed his face with both of her hands and turned it towards her. “Baby, ANYTHING. Just tell me.”

As their eyes locked, Nick dropped his bomb, “In twenty minutes, I will come upstairs. You will use that time to restrain yourself in the bedroom. I would like you to present your ass… to me. If you do a poor job, you’ll be punished.”

Nick wished he had set up a video camera to catch the changing expressions on Anne’s face as she was overcome with different emotions.

At first, she was stunned, blindsided. Her mouth hung agape as her eyebrows rose. Anne loved to be bound, but never put energy into restraining Nick. She had no desire to dominate him in the bedroom, although she often joked that he was her sex slave, because he complied with all of her crazy requests. For bondage, Nick preferred metal chains. He knew in her tipsy state, they would pose quite a challenge for her.

Shock gave way to prognostication. Down came her eyebrows and she looked to the side as if plotting and conniving. Her lips pursed. He imagined she was taking stock of her somewhat intoxicated physical condition trying to determine if what he asked was even possible.

Calculation led to a look of hope. A smile played over her lips as she rolled her eyes lazily from side to side. Nick knew that by dangling the promise of anal, she would likely pick up the gauntlet which he had just thrown down.

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