Mountain Vacation with Master Ch. 04

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We stayed on the bench for a little bit, your arm around me with me cuddled into your side, and we watched the beautiful stark waterfall splash into the small stream. After a while we start to get a bit hungry and since it was about an hour hike we decided to head on back to the cabin.

We hold hands most of the way, although at one point you open my jacket and pull my shirt up and over my head, leaving my breasts out and my nipples, already rock hard, try to get harder. When we get back to the cabin I take my jacket off but leave my sweater on (and over my head) and start to make sandwiches.

After I finish you come over, take off my shirt, and place chainmail bracelets on my wrists and padlock them on. When I sit down on the chair you pull out a rope and thread it through the back of the chair and the bracelets. You pull your chair closer to mine, pull my skirt up to my waist, spread my legs, and we start to eat, you feeding me bites, occasionally kissing me, and of course you just can’t leave my nipples alone.

After we eat we head into the living room and read for a bit, you in a chair and me leaning up against your leg, skirt still up. After a while you get up and turn the TV on to a game while I continue to read. At one point you tell me to get you a drink, and I put down my book and go get one for you.

When I get back you place a pillow beside your chair and tell me to take off my skirt, boots, and socks. I do so and you point to the pillow. I kneel down and you tell me to put my hands behind my head, and to spread my knees wide. After doing so you bring out a few clothespins and put them on my (already sore!) nipples, chuckling as I give a little yelp as each one closes on my nipple.

You go back to your game but during commercials you enjoy yourself by using the crop on my body, the earlier spanking having already faded to a soft coral pink. You alternate between my breasts and nipples, to my legs and thighs, to my stomach and pussy mound.

Every once in a while you will reach down and play with my soaking wet pussy, putting your juicy fingers in my mouth to clean them off. Once you pulled out a piece of ice and ran it over my body, paying special attention to my collarbone area, watching as the ice melted and ran between my breasts. You still had a bit of ice left over when the game came back on so you ran it over my clit a few times then popped it into my mouth, telling illegal bahis me to hold my mouth open so you could watch it melt.

After the game (your team won!) you helped me to my feet, my legs a bit stiff from kneeling for so long. You grinned, pulled my hair back, and plundered my mouth with yours taking what you wanted from me. I felt your other hand grip my breast, inching up, and I knew it was going to hurt.

You pulled the clothespin off one of my nipples and I cried out into your mouth, dragging it out you slowly stroke my other breast, me whimpering into your mouth, knowing it will hurt when you pull the last one off. You tease me, brushing the clothespin with your palm, chuckling as you feel me tense up under you, my hands behind my back as finally you pull it off, and again I cry out into your mouth. You slowly rub the nipples, and soon I am moaning, whimpering, and trying to get closer to you. You know I am all hot and bothered, so you pull back and we go into the bedroom.

You pull out a nice outfit, tell me to get dressed, a half-bra, no panties. I pull on the bra, a low-cut blouse, the white mini-skort, black crotch-less tights, and my knee length boots. I go into the bathroom and style my hair straight and put on a bit of blue eye makeup.

I come out and I waltz over to you, in your khaki’s, button down shirt, socks and shoes. You run your fingers underneath my locked on collar and pull on it just a bit, making me shiver. We head out to the car and we get in, going into town. We chat on the way into town, heading to the shopping district. You park, we get out of the car and hold hands as we stroll down the sidewalk, walking into stores that catch our eye (more mine than yours.)

At one point we pass a short ally, you pull me with you inside, then push me against the wall, and start to kiss me roughly taking my breath away. Smirking at me, knowing how wet I get from just such a kiss, you pull me back out onto the sidewalk, pull my hand behind my back and place your hand over it, guiding me.

We walk up one side and back down the other, taking our sweet time. After a few hours we head back to the car and go to a mini-golf course, where I tease you by spreading my legs while bending over for the balls, and you tease me to distraction by making sure to give me a full on throttle kiss before I swing at each hole.

At one point as I bend over to retrieve a ball I feel illegal bahis siteleri you behind me and you pull me quickly back to you, allowing me to feel your hard cock through your pants. I stand back up, panting a bit, so aroused. After the game we head back to the car, and once we are in you push my shirt up past my breasts (it is dark by now) and tease my nipples showing above my bra while pulling me closer for another kiss. Making sure they are nice and hard, you pull the shirt back down, give them one last squeeze, and off we go to supper.

We go to a nice steak house and once we get to our table you grab my hands and clip my bracelets together. You ask for my three favorite items on the menu (after placing it so I can read) and I tell you. When the waitress comes over you place both our orders.

Once she is gone you pull my hands out from under the table and hold them on the top. I keep trying to make sure no one notices, but you tell me to look at you. It feels like everyone staring at us but I do as I am told. After a while I relax, and even take a drink. We eat, me a little awkwardly as you keep the bracelets/handcuffs together, and we take a dessert to go.

Once in the car you pull my shirt up, exposing my nipples, and we head back to the cabin. Once there we put the dessert into the refrigerator and head to the bedroom. You pull me into a tight embrace, kissing me slowly, your hands pulling my shirt back up. You pull away just long enough to pull the shirt over my head, then you go back to kissing me, undoing my bra you push it over my head, giving you complete access to my breasts and nipple.

You place me on the bed, bend over and take off my shoes, my skirt, my tights, the bracelets, until all I am wearing is Your collar. I climb more onto the bed, and beg you to take your slave, your toy, telling you how much I need your cock inside me, how much i need your cum, how much I just need you.

I writhe on the bed, trying to entice you to take me. You lean over, still fully clothed, and claim my mouth again, your hands roughly exploring my body at your leisure. Soon you have me panting, and when I start begging again you tell me to be quiet, that you will do whatever you want to me, whenever you want to do it.

I stop begging, but by no means am I quiet, and you send me higher and higher, you suck on my nipples, squeezing my breasts hard, your hands run up and down canlı bahis siteleri my legs, everywhere, leaving me whimpering with need. You slowly build the heat inside me, loving the way I move, you can tell I want to beg you for your cock, my eyes are doing so, but I try my best to remember and try not to say a thing.

Finally! After what seems an eternity you pull away and undress, telling me not to move. I watch you undress, my body shivering with need, and once you are naked you pounce on me and I squeal in laughter. Laughing at me your hands capture mine above my head, and you bend down to suckle at my breasts, my already tender nipples sticking straight up.

I gasp as you suck on them, hard, soft, whimpering, trying to move my hips so that my pussy touches your hard cock. But you do not let me get that close, one hand holding my wrists, the other hold my breast so you can have the best access to my nipple. You switch nipples every so often, tormenting me, until finally even you cannot take it anymore.

You loom over me, your cock right at my pussy, one hand at my hip, the other on my chest, you ask me who owns my body.

‘You do Master,’ i cry out, ‘You own every bit of me.’ I try to get your hard cock inside me, squirming around, pushing up. Finally you allow me to beg you for your cock, for your cum, to please cum inside your slave, your pet. And after hearing me beg you slip your cock inside me, slowly, so slowly!

I want it all, and all of it right now! But you keep going slowly and I cry out, whimpering, shivering with desire for you. You tell me to beg you for your cum, and I do. Telling you how much I need your cum, how much I want it, how I want it so deep inside me. I beg you to cum inside your slave, your fucktoy, I tell you how much I love being your fucktoy, your own personal pet.

Hearing that you kneel up on the bed, pull one of my legs over your shoulder, and pound your hard cock inside my pussy. My arms laying over my head, I look up at you, at your male dominance over my body, and beg you to cum inside your slut, your pussy, that you own me body and soul, that I need your cum.

You play rough with my clit, sending me into overdrive, where I cannot make any sense of anything, crying out as you command me to cum, that you want to feel my pussy squeezing your hard cock, and as soon as you feel my orgasm start you cum inside my pussy, so deep inside me.

You keep me there for a moment, as the bliss of my orgasm and your cum seep into me. After a moment you pull out, lay back down on the bed and pull me close and we just cuddle and kiss, our bodies languid from the intensity of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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