Mating Rituals Ch. 09

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Cherie and Al are married


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the ninth chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 8 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


“Mmmm, honey, I love you,” murmured Cherie as she lay in Al’s arms in their bed.

“Yes, I love you too, darling, which is why we’re getting married in a few days.”

He tilted his hips a little, feeling his hard cock move smoothly inside Cherie’s well-lubricated love tunnel; feeling her clench in response.

“You know, I love it when there’s just the two of us. It seems so much more intimate than when we share a bed with others.”

“Yes, I guess being just us it’s more about love than sex, and I’m sure that, although sex is really important, love is more so. I never thought I’d say that, but with you it is. See how much you’ve changed me,” he chuckled, as did Cherie.

“No sweetheart, you changed yourself, and I changed me as well. Funny how everything seems to always work out for the best.”

“Yes, it does, always, though we often don’t think so at the time. Anyway, are you happy or do you want to finish us off?”

“Oh, finish off, otherwise I’ll get horny and we’ll want to head back to bed all day. Lots to do as well; we have to collect Frank and Karen from the airport in a while, Mom and Dad will be home sometime soon so we can have brunch with them, then with the six of us in the house, who knows where that’ll end up? Probably in bed, I’d guess. I know Daddy’s keen sleep with Karen; I’ve been telling him how wonderfully sexy she is and so open to all sorts of different things. He’s really impatient to sleep with her, although I doubt sleeping’s on his mind. So if you’re not going to start things, then I guess I have to.”

Cherie rolled Al onto his back and sat up, sliding further onto his cock and feeling him press hard against her cervix. She waited a few seconds as she adjusted to his length, then began moving back and forth, leaning forward a little so she stimulated her clit on him, more sensitive since her clit hood piercing. He responded , as he always did, first by rolling his hips, then, as she became more vigorous in movements, by raising his hips to meet hers, pulling out to around halfway, then thrusting back inside with a rush. As usual this pushed Cherie along quickly until she rapidly approached her orgasm. Al reached up and caressed her breasts, gently at first, then harder, squeezing and rolling her beautifully pierced nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Only a few seconds of this were needed before Cherie tilted her head back and came hard, a scream of joy and release escaping from her lips.

“AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSS!! So good, sooooo good, yes, that was wonderful,” she ended, as she slowly relaxed.

Al gave her a few minutes to recover, then began all over again, using his hands on her hips until she picked up the rhythm and regained the strength and motivation to continue on her own. Once she did, Al resumed his thrusting and nipple stimulation as he approached his climax while Cherie built to her second. It was over in a few minutes; Cherie once again screamed as she came even harder than before while Al thrust upwards into her pounding pussy and spurted his love juice into his loved one.

Cherie collapsed onto Al’s chest, heaving for breath after her exertion. Al wrapped his arms around his beloved fiancée, burying his nose in her hair and smelling her, aware of her loveliness, her beauty and the wonder that soon she would be his wife.

“I wonder if that started a baby,” she said as she lay on his chest still.

“Maybe. What did the doctor say when he removed your implant?”

“He said it would probably take a cycle at least. That cycle’s due to end this weekend, so next week I have my first period for ages, so I guess it’s too late in this cycle. Then we have the stag and hen parties next weekend, with the wedding the weekend after. Looks like it’ll be a babymaking honeymoon, darling, won’t that be fun.”

“Sounds like fun to me. We won’t need to go to the resort, just come back here and stay in bed for a week.”

“No, the resort will be great. Tropical warmth, sea, sun, sand, and probably best of all, we’re able to remain naked the whole time if we wish. I’m so pleased we chose a clothing optional resort. Just think how sexy you’ll be with all those nubile naked young women running around and tempting you to sample their hot pussies with your huge cock. So after being titillated all day, you’ll come back to me and feed me your baby-making illegal bahis cum each night. Wow, what a honeymoon that’ll be.”

“Well, I hope it works out like you want. Just remember, there’ll be more than a few sexy men after your hot bod too.”

“Yes, that’s possible, but you’ll be the only one who won’t need to wear a condom, darling. I’m so pleased we sorted out our vows and made them so permissive. Just imagine if we’d restricted our sexual activities to one another only for the rest of our lives!”

“Yeah, I guess we’d have got bored with each other quite soon; probably only after 150 years or so,” Al chuckled, as did Cherie.

“Always best to try and have your cake and eat it too. So does that mean we can share our love with others even when on honeymoon, honey?”

“I guess so. Maybe a foursome would be fun. Just remember the condom; I want to make certain that the baby you have is mine.”

“Yes, honey, of course. I want her to be ours too.”

“Her? What if she’s a him?”

“That’ll be fine. We’ll just have to have a her the next time,” Cherie giggled.

Cherie felt Al shrinking inside her and thought of all that needed to be done, so they kissed each other long and hard, then she eased herself off him and walked away to the bathroom, looking over she shoulder and wiggling her ass enticingly as his eyes followed her every movement.

“Awesome to see you again,” said Karen as she hugged and kissed Al at the airport on Sunday morning. Over her shoulder Al watched Cherie and Frank greeting each other similarly. They collected their bags and chatted noisily as they found their car in the park and loaded it with baggage.

Once home, Cherie introduced Frank and Karen to her parents and within minutes they were chatting easily as though they’d known each other for years. Bel showed them to the spare room, where they put their bags, then on the way back to the living area showed them the main bedroom with the superking bed.

“From what Cherie and Al have told me, you’ll quite possibly be sleeping in here sometime soon.” She looked Frank up and down, stopping for a second longer than necessary at his crotch area. “At least, I certainly hope so,” she grinned.

Frank and Karen colored slightly before Frank grinned. “I’ll take that as an invitation,” he replied, staring pointedly at Bel’s fulsome breasts.

Once in the living area they took the drinks Lance had made them and sat on the shady, airy deck. They began by chatting about the weather, a good neutral subject, but soon progressed on to the wedding and all the plans that had been made.

“We’ve a week to prepare for the stag and hen parties next Saturday night, then another week to recover for the wedding the following Saturday. We’ll be busy,” said Karen.

“Yes, there’s a lot of house to clean for the many visitors we’re expecting. However, I’m sure that Frank will pitch in, he looks the helpful type.”

“Any time you want me to help out in any way, just let me know,” he smiled, both he and Bel aware of the double meaning in his words.

They broke for lunch after a short time, Bel bringing out prepared salads and croissants while Lance organized more cool lemonade.

“Have you been in this area before?” asked Bel.

“No, never this far south,” replied Karen.

“Well, maybe we could take you around and show you some of the local attractions,” suggested Bel, “Aside from the ones sitting here, that is,” she grinned, while other joined in her joke with a chuckle.

Karen accepted gratefully. “That would be great, thanks, but not for too long. We had quite a late night last night packing everything. It’ll also be a good idea if we can lock ourselves away somewhere and try on our wedding outfits so we can have any necessary changes made this week. No good leaving things to the last minute.”

After lunch they all piled into Lance and Bel’s SUV and drove around the local area, showing the visitors the beach, shopping complex and other attractions including the beautiful wedding venue they had chosen beside the picturesque estuary, where they would be married and also have the after-ceremony photographs and wedding reception, and also pointed out the dressmakers where Cherie’s wedding dress and Karen’s matron of honor dress had been made and where any alterations could be done after the fittings tomorrow.

They returned home late afternoon and decided it was time to cool off in the pool. This provided a dilemma for them all. While Cherie and Al had seen everyone there naked and had made love with them all, Bel and Lance hadn’t seen Frank and Karen naked, and vice versa, so was it too early to simply all strip off and dive in, both couples wondered. Bel decided modesty was the best solution.

“Al and Cherie, you can change into your swimwear in our room if you wish; your clothes are in your wardrobe there.”

The tension evaporated and the couples went to change.

“Thanks, Mom, I’m pleased you avoided that possible embarrassing situation. I dare say we won’t be wearing them for long, but that has to be a mutual illegal bahis siteleri decision.”

“Yes, I certainly want mine off as soon as possible,” Bel replied as they all stripped off their clothes quickly and donned their brief swimwear. By the time they returned to the deck, the others were already there so they eased their hot bodies into the cool water. Some swam a little, others made no pretence of swimming but simply sat on the built in seats along the side of the pool.

It only took a few minutes before the cuddling and caressing started. Before Bel knew it, Frank had a handful of her breast while she stroked his cock through his shorts. Lance was similarly engaged with Karen. “They’re certainly getting to know each other quickly,” commented Cherie to Al, who was softly caressing her pussy under her bikini between her widely spaced legs while she felt his cock growing uncomfortably inside his shorts. “Here, let me help before he breaks in half.” She pushed her hand beneath the waist elastic and pulled his cock upwards so it could grow unimpeded. She gave it a few strokes then pushed away from the wall. “You’ll have to catch me if you want me,” she teased.

Al pushed off from the wall in hot pursuit, following Cherie to the deep end of the pool, which was should depth on him, top of the ear depth on her. She stopped when he caught her, bobbing under the water and coming up spluttering. He held her in his arms and they kissed, her feet a few inches above the pool floor while he stood firmly on the bottom. She reached down and felt his cock, long, fat and hard, the end two inches protruding above his waistband.

“We may as well take these off,” she said, pushing downwards on his shorts with her hands then bringing her feet up to push them to his feet, where he kicked them free.

“Yes, and these can come off also,” he replied, pulling the strings on the bows of her bikini bottoms. She spread her legs and let them drift away.

“We’ll have to rescue them so they don’t get caught in the pump intake,” said Cherie.

She dived under the water, collecting both garments, then tossed them onto the side, adding her top as well. Then she swam back to Al and pressed her naked body to his. They kissed lovingly, each caressing the other while making certain that Cherie’s nose remained above water.

“Looks like the others are getting to know each other well too,” said Cherie, nodding at the other four still by the seats. Bel was naked and was in the process of stripping Frank’s shorts off while Lance was naked and was removing Karen’s bikini bottom with one hand while fondling her breast with the other. Cherie felt Al’s hand between her legs and opened wider. He lifted her a little, repositioned her, then lowered her slowly onto his rampant cock. Cherie felt it penetrate then begin to slide into her, smoothly, slowly, just as she liked. Once it was fully inside Al let go of her and she remained with her mouth at water level, supported only on his cock.

“We seem to fit together so well for the pool,” she commented, grinning.

“Yes, and in the water you’re almost weightless so I can lift and drop you easily.”

He demonstrated, lifting her almost off his cock then releasing her, allowing her to drop back into position. He repeated this many times, feeling her nipples slide up and down his chest each time.

“That’s so nice, darling, but it doesn’t have the intensity to make me cum. I could probably do that all day and not cum. How about you?”

“Yeah, same here, not like the other four; looks like they’re ready to explode soon.”

They turned sideways a little and saw Bel bouncing on Frank’s lap for all she was worth, moaning and panting while Frank held her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Karen was similarly enjoying Lance’s cock a few feet away. As they watched, Karen closed her eyes, tilted her head back and gave a short involuntary scream as she came. Lance held her tightly, pressing into her and obviously filling her with his copious love juices.

Bel and Frank slowed for a few strokes, watching the other couple reach completion, before resuming with renewed energy until they also came a few seconds apart. They all stayed as they were for a few minutes before Bel reminded them of the pool rule – no cum in the water. Frank and Lance carefully lifted their still-plugged partners and climbed out of the pool, where they withdrew and stood on the decking while they all dripped more than just water.

“Shall we take a raincheck?” asked Al.

“Yes, although I’ll give you full permission to spend it wherever you like,” grinned Cherie, “So long as I have the same permission.”

“Of course, darling,” replied Al, imagining cumming in Bel’s luscious pussy soon.

They climbed out of the pool and sat with the others on the loungers, all dripping dry.

“Looks like you guys really got to know each other,” said Cherie with a chuckle.

“Yeah, guess you could say that,” replied Bel. “I’m looking forward to a few interesting nights all together, if you guys are willing.”

Everyone agreed that canlı bahis siteleri was what they were expecting as well.

“I’ve also packed quite a few toys in my bag,” said Karen, “If anyone wants a bit of fun. Most were packed for Cherie’s hen’s party, but we can use them before and after that as well.”

“Sounds like fun,” said Lance, looking at Bel and envisaging her tied up and helpless. “Anything we need to do to use them?”

“Well, if you could organize a ceiling hook somewhere that would be great. Place it somewhere where you hang a hanging basket from it; that acts as a good disguise for its real intention and forestalls any embarrassing questions.”

“It’s getting chilly here with the sun going down and I have dinner to prepare,” said Bel, standing up. “Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

Karen and Cherie both volunteered and the three women walked inside naked, followed by three pairs of eyes watching their swaying asses lasciviously.

“Now that really is a sight for sore eyes,” commented Frank under his breath. The others could do nothing but agree.

Dinner was, by agreement, eaten naked and it seemed that everyone was quite comfortable remaining naked in each other’s company.

“It’ll prepare us for our honeymoon,” commented Cherie, explaining that they were spending it in a clothing optional resort, but refraining from telling them which one. After dinner was eaten and the dishes placed in the washer, they sat in the living area for a short time before Lance had to ask what sort of toys Karen had brought.

“Well, the best way is to show you,” she said, rising and fetching her bag. She pulled out several packages, ropes, and other materials and laid them on the table.

“First I need a volunteer. Bel, you’ll do because you haven’t experienced toy play have you?”

“No, never; Lance’s and Al’s toys have always been enough for me.”

“Great. So come over here and sit in this chair,” she indicated an armless chair, “Then spread your legs wide apart.”

Bel spread her legs, showing her pink pussy lips with just the tip of her clit poking out from under its hood.

“Sometime we’ll have to pierce that hood, sweetie, maybe tomorrow perhaps?”

“Yes please. Cherie showed me her piercings; they look great so some like those and yours would be terrific please.”

“We’ll save that pleasure for tomorrow then. Meantime, let’s sort out these pussy lips.”

Karen took several clamps from a packet and knelt between Bel’s knees, pulling her labia outwards then clamping a paper clamp on one lip. Bel signalled the pain with a sharp intake of breath. The second clamp was fitted to the other lip, with another sharp intake, then Karen removed the handles from the clamps.

“How’s that?”

“It was sorer at first but Ok now,” said Bel.

“Good. Now to stretch and spread them.”

Karen took two strips of elastic from a bag, threaded one end through the clamp and tied it, then tied the other end around Bel’s foot on the same side as the clamp. She repeated the process for the other side.

“Good, now I want you to straighten your legs please.”

Of course as Bel straightened her legs, the elastic stretched and pulled on her pussy lips, stretching them downwards and, as she spread her legs wider, outwards, opening her pussy wide.

“Beautiful,” said Karen, admiring her handiwork and Bel’s interior. “Now to expand that pussy still further.”

Karen took a large conical plastic device from her bag and showed it to everyone. It was about six inches high and four inches across at the base with a rounded top and the sloping sides were undulating instead of straight.

“This is a dildo; a special one to expand pussies,” she explained, rubbing some lube over it as she showed everyone. “The best way to fit it is to allow the recipient to sit on it. There is a harness that comes with it so I’ll fit that as well.”

Karen fitted the harness to the base then spread it out over the arm of a chair with the dildo pointing upwards. “Now, come over here and straddle the arm of the chair.”

Bel walked slowly over, her gait being awkward due to each step pulling on her lips. She straddled the arm above the dildo, with Karen positioning her correcty.

“Now, lower yourself down a bit until your entrance is directly over the dildo.”

Bel did this, then Karen told her to bend her knees, which lowered her pussy onto the dildo, the rounded small end fitting inside and sliding easily deeper. As she continued to lower herself, Bel felt the dildo begin to stretch her pussy, the rounded, undulating sides pushing her apart internally, wider and wider apart as she took more and more of the monster inside. Her knees were getting tired from supporting her weight at a strange angle so she had little choice but to lower herself faster. The base of the dildo began pushing her entrance wider, three inches and still a long way to go, four inches and she felt the entrance stretching, not as much as when she had Cherie, but far wider than normal, slightly wider even than Al stretched her. She also felt the rounded top pressing against the end deep inside her, but again knew that this was not as deep as Al had been. She continued to drop, faster know due to tiring knees, her pussy stretching wider, deeper. She felt huge inside.

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