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This story is for Marnie. Feedback as always is welcome. However like it or not, there is only one opinion that matters to me with this one. Marnie’s.


I want to share with you all a story about a woman I know named Marnie. Marnie stands about 5’10” with long wavy auburn hair. She also has the most beautiful eyes, full rich lips and an outstanding body. She is 40 years young and wearing it extremely well. But more than just straight good looks, she’s got that extra something that not all beautiful women have; she’s so sexy that she could give you a hard on with just a look. I should know because she’s done it to me many times. I’ve wanted her very badly for a very long time and then one night – one incredible night – I had her. This is the story of that incredible night.

I work in a bowling alley until very late at night. I get to see Marnie every Thursday night when she comes in for her league. We’ve long shared a flirtation and I’ve even written erotic stories just for her. For so long, years in fact, I’ve wanted to spend hours exploring and tasting every inch of her body. I’ve often masturbated just simply thinking about what I’d do if she ever let me have my way with her. I’d love to spend hours between her thighs, savoring her sweet sex, my tongue dancing on her clit and delighting in bringing her to climax over and over again. As sexy as she is, the mere sight of her face clenched in orgasmic bliss just might be enough to make me blow my load.

Now the thing is, although Marnie comes in every week and we flirt, she’s long gone by the time I get off work at 2 a.m. That is until last Thursday.

It was the end of the season for her league and she and several others spent most of the night drinking and partying in the bar. Still, it seemed that she had disappeared without a goodbye about a half an hour before closing time. I finished closing up and left as usual. Only when I got to my car, to my pleasant surprise, she was there waiting.

I park in the back and though the building is located on a busy street, illegal bahis in the middle of the night the back lot is pretty wide open and nicely deserted. We have a pretty large lot and there are houses and a motel on the three sides facing the building. It was the beginning of spring and it was a wonderfully warm evening with the temperature in the low 70’s even at that time. It was clear and bright with a nearly full moon providing more than enough light. You just gotta love that California weather.

Marnie was wearing a pair of hot red denim shorts and a red and white striped cashmere top. I already knew (because she’d shown me earlier that evening) that she was wearing a pair of red lace bikini panties and later I’d find out she was wearing a matching red lace bra. The color red seemed terribly appropriate as red is usually indicative of something hot and Marnie was looking very hot this evening.

As I turned the corner to the back lot I immediately saw Marnie leaning against my car. My cock jumped. She was quite a sight. Her right hand was down the front of her denim shorts. One foot rested on the ground, the other was propped up against the door of my car. When she saw me her left hand disappeared under her top. Initially frozen by such an amazingly erotic sight, I had to shake my head to break the trance. I walked toward her and without a word took her in my arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. Our kiss was broken when she brought her right hand up to my mouth and had me suck her juice off her finger. She tasted fantastic. I made a move to go down on her but she had other plans.

She stopped me and had me switch places with her. She then dropped to her knees and quickly had my cock out of my pants. It was rock hard already and she quickly engulfed my throbbing rod into her warm mouth. Oh my god it felt so fucking good! I had fantasized about watching her do this for so long and it was now actually happening! I watched her intently as she worked quickly on my swollen six inches. She looked so sexy and with my dick pistoning illegal bahis siteleri in and out past her full lips. The warm night air felt so good and it was very exciting having my dick sucked out in the open under the stars.

She was giving me one incredibly fantastic blowjob and I wanted dearly to cum. I let her know that I was going to blow if she kept it up and she not only didn’t stop, she went for the kill, so to speak. Moments later, I was shooting all I had into her hungry mouth. She swallowed every last drop. Now that’s my kind of woman.

She stood up and kissed me again. Well if she’ll swallow it, I’ll certainly kiss her afterward. But what I really wanted to taste was her warm, wet pussy. So once again we switched places and I soon had her shorts off. I loved her red lace panties and I wanted her to leave them on, so I simply pulled them to the side and sank my mouth into her nicely trimmed, soaking wet pussy. She again propped her foot up against my car in order to offer my better access to her needful cunt. My tongue lashed lustily all over her clit.

She was getting into it big time. I’m sure the fact that someone could’ve happened upon us at any time was exciting her as much as it was exciting me.

Her right hand gripped the back of my head and pulled my tongue deeper into her. Her left hand had exposed her right breast and she was plucking, pinching and pulling her hardened nipple. She was getting very excited and she was breathing very hard. She looked down at me with sultry eyes and began talking dirty to me, telling me how good my cock felt in her mouth and how much she loved the taste of my cum. She told me how good my tongue felt in her cunt and begged me to make her cum. She said that she needed me to fill her aching pussy with my dick. That kind of talk had my cock rock hard again.

She was so hot and wet and so very delicious. I licked her pussy furiously, delighting in her obvious enjoyment of what my tongue was doing to her. It didn’t take very long before she began to shake wildly in the canlı bahis siteleri throes of an intense climax. It was such an erotic sight, such a beautiful woman cumming loudly and wildly out in the open air, in the middle of a parking lot under a full moon.

I stood and embraced her. We kissed again. Then she turned around and leaned over the hood of my car, her legs spread, her fingers pulling aside her panties, inviting me to enter her. My cock slid easily inside her soaked sex.

We both moaned as I entered her. Slowly at first I began to pump my dick into her. With long, slow, deliberate strokes I savored the moment. Before long though, my balls were slapping against her ass as I fucked her furiously.

“Yes! Fuck Yesss!” she cried out. “Fuck me hard. Harder! HARDER!” I worried that the neighbors might call the cops but at the same time she sounded so exciting (and excited) that I did nothing to quiet her. I simply fucked her harder. Having cum so soon before, I knew I’d have no problem making this one last.

After about ten minutes of this hardcore fucking, she stopped me, turned around and sat on the hood of my car, facing me and I entered her that way. She pulled her cashmere top off over her head, exposing her sexy, red lace covered breasts to me. I reached forward and lifted her bra up, uncovering her luscious, hard nipples. I leaned forward and took one, and then the other into my mouth as my cock pumped in and out of her.

Soon she reached down and began to rub her swollen clit again. I love to see a woman masturbate so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off what her fingers were doing.

Moments later, she was once again writhing wildly as she came on my cock. As she did so, her back arched, her eyes rolled back and she bit her lip. She looked so wonderful that I simply could not hold out any longer and I shot a huge load of hot cum into her.

It was an incredible culmination of a fantasy turned reality. It was truly a night I’ll never forget, even if she never lets me repeat it. I would in a heartbeat as she well knows, but at the same time, it somehow makes it that much more special that it was just the once. If we tried to repeat it, it probably could never be as spontaneous or exciting. Of course, that said, I’m willing to try if she is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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