Bitch Boi Ch. 03

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I lost access to my old account. This is a continuation of the Bitch Boi stories.


“Look at that slut,” he says as I strut by. I pretend not to hear, keeping my face up. A few others cat-call as I walk. I’m wearing clear heels and a metallic blue thong. My smooth shaved skin is slick with tanning oil. I tied my bleached hair into a single braid. They’re sitting ten yards away near the pool, but from that distance I’m sure they can see my plump purple lips, fake eyelashes, and heavy blue eyeshadow.

I’d call myself a slut too.

“Hey bitch, come here,” he says. I know he’s talking to me, and my heart drops. “Did I stutter bitch? Get that white boy ass over here.”

I turn and smile. I pop out one hip to make myself look more enticing. Six black men leer at me and I can feel my cock getting hard. Part of me says to walk away, to go back to my hotel room, pack my bags, and leave the resort. I don’t need to do this, I don’t need to surrender my dignity, my manhood, to these people.

The one in the center gestures with a hand. He’s large, like he used to work out but now let himself go. His body is covered in tattoos and he has three on his face.

“Come sit with me slut.”

I walk forward, swinging my hips. The five other black men grunt and make kissing faces. There are two white bitches already with this crew; two white men like me who I have decided that sexual degradation and servitude is a far better choice then the difficulties of modern life.

“I like this one,” he says, snapping my thong strap. “You like wearing small slut clothes?”

The other men have gone back to drinking and partying. There are twenty or thirty such groups arranged around the pools at this resort. The other two white bitches smirk at me and then turn back to the other men. One is smaller then me, with long brown hair. He’s wearing a pink floral thong with a wider band, wedge heels, and gold body jewelry. The other has short pink hair. He’s in a gold bodysuit thong, but the top has already been pulled down. He’s flirting and kissing with one of the black men, and his hand has already reached towards the thigh.

“I like entertaining real men like you,” I say. This is one of the standard lines they want to hear. They want to hear me say that I’m not a man, that I’m something lower, something servile, an object or toy meant to provide them with satisfaction. I’m dressed more provocatively then the other two. Maybe this was a conscious choice, maybe I left the hotel room wanting to be noticed. Maybe I want to be a vapid whore.

“Oh then you need a real man. Anyone own your ass today?”

“No,” I say. I only got to the resort yesterday. Nobody has purchased my services yet. I’m still not sure I want to go through with it. I’m not sure I want to sell my self as a whore for this slightly overweight man who stares at me like a piece of meat.

He looks me up and down. “What do you cost for the day?”

I tell him and then add, “And you can tip for better service.”

“Yeah I’ll tip your dumb slut ass when I see you perform.” He pulls out the tablet the men use for ordering food, drinks, and sluts. He finds me on the menu, and charges my services to his room. Now, for the day, I’m his property.

“Stand up and let me see that fat white ass again,” he says.

I do as commanded.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a good bitch,” he says. He gives my left ass cheek a light slap. I stand there in a cheap thong serving as entertainment for another güvenilir bahis man. “Show me what you can do it with it, bitch. I know they train you sluts to dance.”

The resort plays music, loud hip-hop and techno remixes, so I take my cue and start with a slow, rhythmic roll of my hips. My round white ass makes a circle before I bend forward slightly and make it shake.

“That’s what I like to see bitch. Shake that white ass for me.”

I run my manicured nails up my backside, then grip the thong straps and pull up. I look back at him while I do this. My eyes are dead behind the thick layers of makeup and fake eyelashes. He doesn’t notice. My owner licks his lips and says, “good girl. Show me you want to be a good slut.”

“I’m always a good slut for a real man,” I say. I had three interviews with the resort owners to prove I was willing and capable to serve their clients, and then three weks of training. I know exactly how to please these men, even if my brain screams at me to stop.

I bend forward more so that my ass is extended as I start to twerk and roll my body. My black owner slaps my ass again, and I hear another one of the men call me a thirsty whore.

“Get up and dance with that bitch.” One of the other black men grabs the brown haired white boy by his chain collar and thrusts him to the makeshift dance floor.

He stands next to me and starts to twerk, while the black men cheer and call us sluts. We both have our hands on our knees as we bend at the waist, twerking and twisting our hips. I drop lower into a squat and bounce my ass.

“Look at that white slut.” I hear them laughing. The brown haired white bitch drops to all fours to twerk in a doggstyle position. A few of the black men lean over to slap his ass. One puts his wide hand on the white boy’s head, pushes his face down, and tells him to get his ass higher. The white bitch complies, keeping his face pressed to the ground while raising his twerking ass into the air.

“Yay bitch, shake that shit for me.”

I bend further forward, touching the ground with one hand while keeping my ass raised. I feel a hand on my ass and then another on my hip as I realize my owner is standing. I hear a cheer from the other men and then feel an enormous bulge pressed against my ass. There’s nothing but the thin material of his shorts and a single thin strap separating his cock from my asshole.

“Come on bitch,” he says. “Twerk on that dick.” He emphasizes his command with a hard slap to my ass. I push my hips back and grind onto his cock. He grabs my hair and simulates the way he’s going to fuck me later. All the other men watch as I’m humiliated. “Yeah Im gonna break this bitch. Little slut’s gonna be ruined for the rest of you.”

I keep grinding my ass against his penis, feeling it grow and thicken. Then he pulls my hair, forcing me to stand straight with my white thong clad ass pressed into his groin. “Who’s bitch are you?” he asks.

“I’m your bitch, sir.”

“You gonna put on a show for me and the boys?”

“Whatever you tell me to do.”

He grabs my ass cheek so that his fingers are pressed against the hole. “That’s what I wanted to hear slut. Now go dance for my friends.” He gives my ass a hard slap and sends me around the table.

I go to each man in turn, debasing myself for their amusement, grinding against their thick bulges, moaning in their ears, declaring through my sexualized actions that I had surrendered my manhood in service of their pleasure. türkçe bahis

“Start licking my neck, white whore.” I’m straddling one of the men, gripping my heels as I bounced my bubble butt on the thick cock I feel beneath his shorts. I lean forward, stick out my pierced tongue, and lick the sweat from his collarbone to his lower ear.

“Hey. Send that slut back to me. I paid for the bitch. Y’all over there enjoying the goods.”

I stand up. The man I’m currently entertaining pulls at the thong strap running between my cheeks. He snaps the strap against my asshole and then slaps my ass, telling me I’ve been a good whore.

“Did you miss daddy?” says my owner.

“Yes, sir.”

He grabs his crotch and adjusts the monster. I can see it bulging against his shorts, a clear outline pushing against the fabric.

“Get down and tell my dick how much you missed it.”

I kneel before this massive black man, placing my knees and hands on the floor. This is the moment of ultimate submission, the moment I go from a party-slut, an entertainer, to what I am; a sexual slave, a whore, a slut for black cock. A small voice screams in the back of my head that I’m not in fact a vapid bimbo slut, that I’m a man, that I had goals and desires, that I have a life beyond this resort. There are jobs I could get, careers I could pursue, and companies for which I could work. There are other paths in this life.

The other men and the two sluts are watching as my owner presses my face into his bulge. I smell the rank sweat thats been building. I feel precum seeping through the shorts onto my face.

“I missed this cock, daddy,” I say. I blush with shame, but no one can see. I’m on my hands and knees in public, wearing nothing but a thong, with my face pressed into the crotch of a fat black man. He slaps my ass and calls me a whore.


A black cock, ten inches long and covered in another slut’s spit, looms over my face. The man is dark and his teeth gleam white as he stares down at me. “Now you’re turn bitch.”

I’m on my knees, still in the same thong, but now the makeup is running across my face. There’s drool and stomach bile and vomit on my face and chest. Some of it is mine, some of it belong to the other two white bitches. I hear them both slurping on cock. The man standing over me grabs my hair and presses my face into his balls.

“Smell those black balls, slut.”

I don’t have an option. His testicles engulf my nose and mouth. He presses them against my face and I smell the sweat and musk of a superior man, a man who can use me however he pleases.

He smacks me hard on the face. I look up to see him smiling before a glob of spit lands on my face. “That’s how we treat white sluts around here,” he says while rubbing the mucus across my face with his throbbing cock.

“Now open that mouth pussy.”

I open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue. “Oh, this bitch got her tongue pierced. Can’t wait to feel that on my ass,” he says.

I wiggle my tongue and he laughs as he grabs the back of my head and thrusts his cock into my mouth. The first six inches go in and then I get stuck. The throbbing penis fills my mouth. He smacks the back of my head and pushes deeper.


I convulse. Drool spills from my mouth. He pushes in again and the other four inches slip down my throat.


I convulse again, my heels kicking the floor. I dig my nails into his thighs. My nose is pressed against his stomach. güvenilir bahis siteleri My face is pressed into the pool of spit and mucus that’s accumulated along his groin. I smell stomach bile.


My throat works to expel the long, thick, black invader. My eyes roll into the back of my head as the oxygen goes and the bliss of submission sets in. My cock hardens as I suffocate on cock, as my nose fills with spit.

“A little more white bitch. You gonna learn to love black cock, today.”

My hands on his thighs go limp. My body gives one more weak convulsion and then goes still. Spit bubbles gurgle from my mouth.

“Yeah, slut.”

He releases my head and the cock comes out with a stream of vomit. Mucus explodes from my nostrils. I cough and choke as I fall to the floor. I hear the men mocking and laughing at me as my blurry vision starts to come back. I vomit up liquid again. The other two sluts look at me, their faces contorted by cock.

“Get up you dumb slut. Ain’t no one done with you,” says another black man.

I’m pulled back up to my knees. I don’t know why, maybe I’m so lost in the degradation, maybe I’ve finally accepted my place as a subhuman sex toy, but whatever the reason I start blowing bubbles with all the spit on my face.

“Fuck my face. Please sir fuck my whore face,” I hear myself say. I have no dignity any longer. I need cock. I’m desperate for the approval of black men.

“Jerk my dick first. I like to hear you bitches talk,” he says.

I grab the stomach bile and mucus from my face to use as lube. I wrap two hands around his cock and start to stroke, my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide. “It’s so big,” I say. “I love huge black cock. I’ll do anything for this massive cock.”

The penis hardens in my hands. I feel the blood flow through the powerful shaft.

“Kiss my balls while you stroke it. Show me that devotion.”

I lower my head and kiss his balls, my tongue lapping at the heavy testicle. I run my tongue over the ballsack, tasting the sweat and smelling this man.

“Please let me suck your dick. Please, sir. Please let this white slave service your massive black cock.”

“Ain’t time yet, bitch. You got to earn this dick.” He turns around and puts his hand on the back of my head. I move forward and press my face into his ass. My tongue comes out and licks deep, inhaling the scent of his asshole, tasting my complete degradation.

“Lick my ass slut. That’s your place and you better get used to it. White bitches like you were made for licking black ass. Learn to love it.”

I give his asshole long, slow licks, savoring the humiliation. The air on his ass presses against my face. My nose is buried in his ass as I slobber and moan.

“Alright bitch think you earned your reward.” He turns around and smacks my face with his engorged cock.

The penis goes into my mouth and then back out. “Im gonna fuck your mouth. Don’t even think of pulling away.”

At first the viciousness of his facefucking his concerning. My body wants to pull away but I hold firm, allowing this superior man to use my face. He brutalizes my mouth, pounding his cock into my throat, treating my face like a pussy.

“Take that shit bitch. Take that dick.”


He pulls out and I vomit clear liquid onto the floor. He laughs and pushes my face into the puddle of spit and vomit. “Lick that shit up,” he says.

“Y’all think it’s time to really make them into girls?” I hear one man say.

“Yeah, its that time.”

“Hell, yeah. I call this pink haired bitch. Got that fat ass.”

I’m licking drool and mucus from the floor as I feel someone move the thong strap away from my asshole.

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