A Very Long Pause Pt. 05

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I was awake when Sister (as we called her) backed out of the driveway and headed for work Monday morning. I lay there thinking about the Selective Service letter, my job, my friends, and a few other things but primarily my mom and how me leaving for two years to God-knows-where would adversely influence our newfound relationship.

Dad closing the garage door to leave diverted my thoughts, and promptly after, I detected the shower running in the master bathroom. Mom was not necessarily a shower person; rather, she relished the lengthy, warm immersion in the tub, and that routinely occurred in the evening before watching Johnny Carson on TV; however, I was a contented recipient of her recent morning showers.

When the shower stopped, I rolled out of bed without hesitation, walked down the hallway, and stood next to her bathroom door. I reached down to move my already flourishing erection, positioning it upward so that the head of my cock peaked over my brief’s elastic waistband. Show-off, I thought. Such vanity for a six-incher.

The bathroom door opened, and, with a towel wrapped around her, Mom’s eyes examined me. I reached for her, pulled her into my arms, and kissed her the way that she had last kissed me in the kitchen. Mom did not move when I dropped to my knees on the hall carpet, lifted the towel, and kissed her thighs, tonguing them in the manner as the French kissing that Mom and I had done Saturday. She let me, and that was what I hoped would happen.

The attention that I was giving Mom’s legs made me appreciate that they were firmer, more muscular than I had previously realized. I kept kissing, licking, inching upward until I reached her protruding bush, kissing it from one side and moving over her mound to the other. It was evident that she had neatly trimmed, but not shaved, and by my youthful olfactory senses, it was apparent that her feminine hygiene habits were impeccable.

“More of this here or would you prefer the bed?” I asked, looking up. Mom’s answer was a raised arm and a finger pointed toward my room. Rising to stand, my attention was directed to kissing her on the back of the neck and ears as we stepped toward my bedroom, I followed her to the bed. All doubt was erased about any question of pleasing Mom orally. Her towel had dropped to the floor before we were close to the bed. She lay down first as I threw my briefs into the corner.

Before I could get on the bed, Mom’s legs were already slightly opened, left leg bent at the knee. My hand partially covered her bush, which served as a beacon to guide my lips to her pussy. I started at her knees, slowly moving up kissing her thighs, then inching up, kissing and licking all around the prominent knoll that highlighted her pubic region. I placed my hand under her left thigh and raised it a little more, causing her legs to spread farther apart. Mom did the same with her right hand under her right thigh, spreading for my pleasure and hers. My bush kissing continued.

“Kiss me there, Sweetie. Lick it,” she muttered. Her words ushered my lips to her passion slit as skillfully as a spaceship docking maneuver. “You are so grown up.”

I wanted to do this, and Mom welcomed it. My tongue slowly entered her kitty, tasting her wetness, playing with and touching every fold of her vagina. Her reactions consisted of repeating several “Eat Mommy’s pussy. So good. Suck it. Lick it.” My enthusiasm could only be surpassed by my lack of experience, and any pleasure that my mom derived from oral lovemaking can be attributed only to her wanton hunger for this type of sexual intercourse and my eagerness to please her. I loved it.

Mom’s feet moved around me, and her heels clenched the back of my shoulder blades. I did not commonly use the word “clitoris” back then, but as I reflect on my first cunnilingus experience, my tongue’s excursion encountered an erect clit, and its size made it easy to find.

After only a couple of minutes of sucking her clit, continuing my intermittent tongue action, at least two waves of orgasm were produced from Mom’s soft verbal and obvious physical reaction.

“Oh fuck,” she murmured. I moved up, kissing her navel, nipples, neck, and lips. Then back down to her clit, spending more time tonguing her soaked pussy. When I kissed my way back up to her lips, Mom had no compunction about tasting my tongue and lips, still saturated with her sex juices. She returned my kisses two-fold and made sure that I countered.

With my knee between her legs pressed casually against her sweetness, I moved Mom’s hand to my cock and asked, “You want this or more pussy eating?” while sliding my tongue between her lips.

“Both. I want both, my sweet man. I know you want more. I’ve already cum twice and still want more. This is too good, but please, no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, please. I get that every Sunday afternoon. We need more time, but work is waiting. Take off work tomorrow. All day. You’re leaving anyway, and I can take off anytime I want except Mondays. I want more than a güvenilir bahis quickie, and I want you to give it to me.”

Scooting to the side of the bed, now standing, she palmed my cock, rubbing it with one hand, her other hand rubbing her pussy. “Here, let me take care of this now, let me please you, relieve you, then tomorrow, your going-away gift, a surprise.”

“Mom, I love surprises. Give me a hint. One clue,” I implored.

“Okay, one: Me on top” were the last words that I heard from her that morning.

A minute’s worth of strokes, maybe two minutes, but what seemed like a moment, Mom’s handjob emptied my balls, then she planted two kisses directly on the cum-covered head of my rod. Her speedy exit to the bathroom followed, but not before she retrieved the towel discarded earlier and slung it on my bed.

When I finished in my bathroom, Mom was well on her way to work but left me coffee in the pot. Most, in my shoes, would experience disappointment about that morning. I loved her and was not disappointed in any way. Besides, tomorrow would be the surprise that she promised, and rushing her was never an option in my mind.

Any concern about my job at this point was nonexistent, but I knew that she was dedicated to hers because she co-owned and managed the small business. Mom’s Mondays were hectic, and Dad would bring home takeout to, in small part, account for that.

Day after tomorrow I would be on my way to the induction center, and then what I had heard was a different life. Approaching my boss, a Marine combat veteran, to give him a short notice, he did not care that I was a few minutes late.

“Buddy,” he said, “I knew about the Selective Service letter two weeks ago. Your dad called and told me that your number came up for the draft but to keep it to myself. You get paid a full week’s pay if you’ll hang around here today and teach the rest of these guys what you’ve learned over the summer. Your option. You’re a hard worker and quick study. The shape you’re in, there’ll be no problem making it through training, and I already know that you can shoot straight. You probably have an idea where you’ll wind up after training. Watch your back over there.”

Except for Sister crying about my leaving, that evening was relatively quiet at the house. What little I was told to pack, I packed. Day after tomorrow, Wednesday, instead of taking the bus that I was supposed to take, Dad arranged to drive me to the state capital where we would stay overnight in a hotel. The following day, I would report to the induction center, be processed, and on my way to whatever training base they assigned me.

Of course, many of my thoughts the present evening were focused on Mom’s promised surprise the next day.

Shortly after Sister and Dad left for work Tuesday morning, I heard Mom in the shower like the previous day, so I headed to my shower with thoughts of Mom’s “surprise.” After a quick cleanup, I exited the bathroom simultaneously with Mom walking from the den—we both had towels wrapped around us, and they dropped to the floor at the same time. When I walked toward her, Mom was already looking down at my cock, smiling, then took the lead in conversation.

“Why do you have such a big smile?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Not here, not in the hall again” she added. “Your room is the only place in the house where we can clearly hear Sister or your dad come home, just in case they do. They should be at work right now and I left Sister plenty to do, but we need to be careful. We took a chance yesterday playing in the hall. I loved it, but no quickie today. I need you with no interruptions,” she said as I felt her fingers travelling across my balls.

My cock, already standing at attention, made it simple for me to respond, “Follow me,” and in the middle of my turn, Mom nudged me toward my bed. On the bed and without any break in touching, I rolled on top of her.

Breaking our kiss and separating our tongues, “I want on top,” Mom said, “Me on top. Me. Top,” she added, shoving me over and moving on top. Her hand gripped my cock, and my fingers were already soaked with her warm pussy juices.

I think that I was expecting some momentous, complicated event, but once on top, Mom easily guided my cockhead inside her, bypassing my fingers before I moved my hand away from her pussy. She then moved her hips slightly up and down on my cockhead with short, quick little motions, taking me inside a little at a time. With my eyes directed at hers, I raised my hips, and Mom’s pussy swallowed all of me, drenching my entire package with her juices. Still, I could feel her pussy clenching my cock, and her smooth downward and direct motion put my butt firmly back on the bed.

I was vainly proud of my six inches mainly because of the width of my penis. Apparently, Mom loved all six plus the width.

“Let me do this,” she insisted without pausing her up and down motions, not blinking her eyes. “Let me do you. This is what I want, and I’ve wanted to türkçe bahis fuck like this since the night that I saw you getting it on with your little girlfriend right here in this bed. Oh, you thought I was helping your Aunt Evelyn move into a new apartment. Got back early. Saw your little sweetie’s car here. I parked down the road. Sneaked inside quietly. Loved watching you bang her,” Mom said without breaking her rhythm.

“You saw it all?” I asked.

“All,” she responded, “I even took off my panties and played with my pussy. I love to watch,” she added, still humping my cock, now with an intentional slow rhythm, still talking about her watching me fuck. Mom continued to talk and left nothing to my imagination about what she did after taking off her panties and watching. She loved to talk during sex.

“I noticed you used a condom with her. After you were born, Mommy got fixed—no condom needed. Shut up, my big man, let’s fuck. I love that word when I’m fucking my man. You-Know-Who won’t let me say it.”

Mom’s rhythm quickened, her downward motions became more prominent, and the sounds of our lovemaking emanated from her juices when her pussy repeatedly slid down my shaft, encountered my nuts, then raised, and a few times when Mom raised her butt, I looked down between us. Either I was imagining, or it was real that my cock had gotten harder, wider. Mom’s rhythm continued to increase while I held both of her breasts, licking and sucking her enlarged nipples alternatively. Our lips and tongues never rested after her last words.

I sensed that both of us were approaching “that good feeling” as Mom would later call it.

“Fuck me Baby. Fuck Mommy,” she murmured in a low voice. “Mommy wants that good feeling, then your cum. Oh fuck!”

Mom’s own words set her off. She came first, then second and third with easily audible grunts each time I raised my hips and thrust my cock upward, inside her pussy. Her rapture of orgasm climaxed a moment before I began to cum inside her, and she knew I was spewing my first load this morning, my first load inside my mom. My ego swelled, knowing that I had outlasted my own mom and that I had gave her that pleasure.

“Cum for Mommy as much as you want, Baby,” she whispered. “Cum inside your Mommy. Fuck Mommy’s pussy.”

Those words goaded me to ejaculate my last available drop inside my beautiful mother. I think that all men have multiple orgasms; they’re just not as evident as women’s. A minute later we lay in each other’s arms, still kissing while I smoothed back her hair and rubbed her legs that were still wrapped around me.

“Did you like Mommy humping you this morning?” she asked. “Me on top? Did you like us doing each other my big man? Fucking Mommy?”

“Mom,” I answered, “I love making love to you, humping you. I love fucking you, Mommy. You are perfect. I never even imagined it could be like this until the other morning when I saw you crack my door and watch me jerking off. Since then, I have thought of little else. It couldn’t get any better. I never knew . . . .”

Mom stopped me there, putting her finger of silence over my lips. We continued to lie there for a few minutes, holding each other with short whispers of love and satisfaction. Kissing. When Mom made her first motion to get up and head to her bathroom, my cock slid out of her pussy as easily as it went in. Mom reached my bedroom door and turned around. “Take your time in the shower, Baby. I have another little surprise for you but breakfast first, then coffee, then your surprise.”

I liked Mom’s breakfasts, but after we both showered, I was glad that her intent was get out of the house and eat at one of our favorite diners a couple of miles away. Most of this day would be ours, and I wanted her to do what she wanted even though it was I who would leave the following day. After a short breakfast, coffee, and orange juice at the diner, Mom needed to make a quick grocery stop, then back to the house.

Finished with grocery shopping, Mom drove but toyed with me, teasing me by loosening the buttons on her blouse. No bra, and she intentionally slid one hand inside, clearly stimulating her nipples. I found it hard to believe that I had never noticed how sexy this woman was until recently, but that drive home, I later realized, was Mom’s idea of foreplay, her aphrodisiac.

Mom did not park in the driveway when we reached the house. Instead, she parked halfway on the grass, knowing that if Dad or Sister got home earlier than expected, we would hear their arrival. Without Mom’s knowledge I had even cracked one of my bedroom windows to facilitate hearing easier.

Once inside and in the pantry, we put the groceries away. Mom turned toward me, and with one of those come-over-here grins, “You didn’t have cream with your coffee at the diner, neither did I, so your mom, your lover wants that cream now. Wash hands. See you in the bedroom.”

“I really need a kiss first,” I responded. We stood in the pantry, kissing, feeling, tongue-playing for güvenilir bahis siteleri the next couple of minutes.

“Hands!” Mom broke the kiss, reminding me about washing my hands, so I darted to the bathroom where I shed the clothes that I had worn to the diner and washed hands after a quick toothbrushing. I made it to my bedroom first, and Mom followed in less than a minute wearing the same short robe that she had worn that morning the previous week, nothing else. Behind her she carried a dinette chair, probably the one that she had when I jerked off in front of her. Naked and fully erect, I approached her and like last week, she held up her “stop” hand, sat in the chair, and curled her index finger in the “come here” sign.

I moved toward my mom, the tip of my cock at her forehead level. Instead of her stop sign, Mom’s hand wrapped around my shaft, slowly pumping me, guiding me to her lips, tonguing and kissing my knob, licking it.

“I want this,” she said, “I want your cock,” looking up at me, then taking my cockhead between her lips and applying full tongue while still jerking me off.

You are the first to do this, Mommy,” I told her. “My first time. So good.”

She held up one finger, then pointed at herself, and I took that to mean that it was her first time. Mom slid more of my cock between her busy lips but did not try to take it all. She then broke her sucking action to say, “I am your lover. No more guessing about what we both want.”

When Mom returned to pleasuring me with her lips and tongue, I realized three things: Dad was not a fan of oral sex, Mom was, and she had no intention to stop giving me this pleasure before fully satisfying me. Her statement in the pantry about “your lover wants that cream” became clear. At the same moderate rhythm, her lips moved back and forth over my knob and shaft, lubricating them. Mom’s tongue teased the underside of my cockhead, and one of her hands caressed my balls, the other on my butt pulling me toward her while she slowly bobbed her head back and forth.

I did not have a stopwatch, but probably fewer than five minutes later Mom’s attention to my package activated the point of orgasm that every man knows. There is only a second to pull out, but there was no need to warn Mom. She knew it the moment I did, clenched my butt tighter, and made no attempt to slow down, no gesture of ever releasing my cock from her soft lips or stopping until she had fulfilled my satisfaction.

A single thrust forward and I knew what was there before looking down at mom’s cum encircling lips. Darting her tongue out to her lips several times, I had to surmise that apparently, she was not averse to the taste or what she had just accomplished.

“You do me next time, Baby. You taste my cum but not in the hallway like before. In a bed,” Mom said, “with me spreading for you.”

“Mom,” I managed, “I want more of this. More of you.” Hell, what man wouldn’t, I thought. We kept talking but I have no clear recall of the words which followed. To this day, I am not even sure about how both of us got to my bed, holding, kissing, smiling, and continuing to exchange cum-scented kisses. I am recounting this occasion to my best recollection.

I awoke looking at my clock an hour later with Mom standing beside my bed, wearing loose-fitting Bermuda shorts and nudging me.

“I wanted to lie here in your arms all day, my big man, but it would not be wise for both of us to fall asleep. We’ll find a time and place for that,” Mom said. “I cleaned you up, now come on, I made us a sandwich for lunch, then we go out to the patio to eat and talk, then,” and she pointed her finger toward my bedroom, reached down between her legs, then pointed at me. “We do whatever you want. Anything you like.”

I had never witnessed that smile, that stare, that glow. It was evidently a look of sensual want mixed with a good deal of trust and desire as if she already knew my carnal thoughts and was eager to oblige. We talked through our entire lunch and finished most of it, but the opportunity to leave the patio and return to my bedroom never materialized. From the patio and through the stand of trees bordering our property, I caught a glimpse of Dad’s truck turning onto our road, then the familiar sound of him pulling into the driveway and raising the garage door. Mom’s countenance immediately took on a posture of discontent.

Regardless of Mom’s feelings, she accepted the reason for Dad’s early arrival—to give our family a short time together before I left for the induction center, and to treat the family to dinner out that evening. He and Sister had planned this as soon as he found out about my draft notice. After dinner and later that evening, several friends dropped by to wish me luck. I finished packing the few things which I was allowed to take, and I smelled my beautiful mother behind me when I heard the bedroom door close.

“Dad’s asleep, and I have to get back in a minute,” Mom quietly uttered. “Do what you have to do, but come home healthy, get back here for me, not just for this,” she voiced, pointing to the bed, “but for me, your mom, your lover,” whispering the last two words, holding me and kissing several times before she turned around to open the door and leave.

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