A Pleasant Surprise

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I saw my son David’s pickup parked in the driveway as I approached home at one thirty in the afternoon. I was not surprised as it is normal for whoever gets home first to pull in leaving as much room as possible for whoever arrives next. I was turning in when I realized that my daughter Maria had been the first to get home, as her tiny Miata was in front of the pickup tight against the closed garage door. I knew that three vehicles would be all that would fit in the driveway and that Bob, my husband would have to settle for parking at the curb in front. I resolved to talk to Bob about the possibility of having the driveway widened in order to accommodate all of our vehicles.

My arrival at home was a good four hours early as our computers at work had crashed and there was nothing for it but for management to send everyone home. I really did not mind having the extra time off as my feet were killing me in my new shoes and it was with considerable relief that I pulled the shoes off before getting out of the car.

Being barefoot was the principal reason I made no noise walking to the back door. The door, being slightly ajar, opened silently and I left my purse on the automatic washer as I made my way toward the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, I sighed softly and did the thing I generally do first when once in the house. I unfastened my blouse, released the front fastening clasp on my bra. Next, I removed my skirt but left the gaping blouse and bra as well as my half-slip in order to preserve a tiny modicum of modesty. With skirt and shoes in hand I made my way toward the dining room and the family room beyond.

While still in the dining room I became aware of sounds that revealed the presence of Maria and David in the family room. Most of the sounds were indistinguishable until, in tones louder than most, I heard Maria say, “Wow Dave that has to be the biggest cock I have ever seen.” David chuckled and said, “Well Sis, for whatever it’s worth, I think your pussy is pretty cool too. Show me your tits and my day will be complete.”

I stopped as though I had run into an invisible wall and listened for whatever was to come next. I surmised that I was walking in on a you-show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine session. I guess I was surprised the event I walked in on had not taken place years earlier. Eighteen and nineteen is a bit late for that sort of thing.

I did not have to wait long for Maria to say, “Dave, show me how you jerk off,” and grinned when my son said, “Well ok, but you’ll have to show me your tits and play with your pussy while I do it.”

Maria giggled and said, “Stinker. OK you win. This what you want to see?” A moment later, David said, “Jesus, Maria your tits are lovely. Why in hell have you been hiding them from me all this time?” Maria laughed and said, “Well, at first I was afraid that you would want to touch them or put your mouth on them or something. Then I was afraid that you might not want to play with them, me being your sister and all.” Her explanation elicited a, “Fat chance, if I wasn’t busy pulling my dick I would be over there licking those beauties right now. Besides, what does your being my sister have to do with anything. You are a very lovely girl and I think anyone, brother or no, with half a brain would give about most anything to be where I am right now.”

A moment later, Maria said, “God Dave, that thing is enormous. Ever put it in a girl?” Voice thick with the exertion of pounding his meat, David said, “Naw, never got that lucky. How about you, surely at least one of those guys that runs along panting at your heels has got into your panties by now? Maria giggled and said, “Nope, not a one.”

My kids continued masturbating in silence for a brief time, and then Dave said, “Woohoo, I didn’t know a girl could put more than two or three fingers in her pussy. Shit you have four, how do you do that?” My horny daughter giggled and said, “Practice Sweetie, practice.”

Unable to contain my curiosity longer, I eased over to the open doorway and looked into the family room. I left my shoes and skirt on the dining room table and tugged at the half-slip and panties until my right hand could roam freely over my bush and pussy. My left hand had strayed up to fondle my exposed breasts.

Once I had moved into the open doorway, I was greeted with the sight of my naked son sitting in a recliner facing his equally naked sister. Both were concentrating on satisfying their own carnal urges and each other and were totally oblivious to everything else in the house. As David had indicated, Maria was well into fisting her pussy, plunging her bunched fingers way up inside her glistening and, by her own admission, unfucked pussy. The degree of her excitement was manifested by the wet, squishy sounds emanating from around her wet, plunging fingers. David had leaned back with his erect cock in his right fist and was pumping as though there would be no tomorrow.

Finally, I could hold back no longer and said, “Hi kids. Can three play this game?” My question was greeted with shocked silence. Maria illegal bahis stopped pumping her fist but did not remove it, and, finally gasped, “Mom, how long have you been here?” Dave, on the other hand, dropped his cock as though it was, suddenly, very hot and exclaimed, “Jesus Mom, you startled me!” I smiled and said, “So it would appear and I have been here just long enough to get turned on and want to join you two. So would you mind very much if your old mom joins the party?” Dave’s hand returned to his dick and Maria began, once again, plunging her fingers, only now, there were only two, in and out of her pussy and I walked on into the room and took a position on the end of the couch that was closest to my masturbating kids.

I looked at Dave and said, “I hope you have a plan for catching your sperm when you cum. I don’t especially want to have it all over the carpet. Dave grinned and held up a tee shirt I had not seen earlier and the three of us got with the pleasant effort of trying to bring ourselves off. Maria was the first to achieve the big ‘O’. Aside from a slight tensing of the muscles in her groin and a slight increase in the squishing sounds rising from her pussy, neither her brother or I would have known if she had not lifted her chin and shouted, “Yes.”

Dave’s orgasm followed his sister’s by no more than a moment. He was a bit of a ham and wanted us to see the cum spurt so held his shirt a good two feet in front of him and shot several gobs of cum at it. His foolishness damn near got him in trouble as he came within a hairs breadth of missing the shirt altogether.

I was the newcomer to the party and did not come for several minuets. I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes in order to better visualize the scenes I had just witnessed and began to fondle my pussy and breasts with renewed vigor. I didn’t hear a sound but soon became aware of hot breaths being expelled against each of my thighs. I opened my eyes to the sight of each of my children watching with rapt attention from a distance of no more than ten inches each. Maria looked up into my eyes and said, “God Mom, I love the odor of your pussy in heat. May I lick it?” I returned her look thoughtfully for a moment, shrugged and said, “I guess there would be no harm,” removed my hand thus giving her free access and began to enjoy having my daughter lick and suck my pussy.

David tried to maintain a look of detached interest but quickly gave in and said, “OK Sis. Surely it is my turn now.” Maria pulled away, grinned and said, “OK Bro, do her good.” David quickly replaced his sister and took over kissing and licking the length of my slit. He made his tongue into a stiff probe and inserted it into my vagina and then fucked me with it several times. About then my daughter leaned in and began to kiss and suckle my breasts then David began licking his way to my clit where he bared his teeth and nipped lightly bringing on one of the most fantastic orgasms I had ever experienced.

Neither one of my kids paused in their assault on my body although David did make an effort, mostly successful, to lap up the additional juices generated by my orgasm. Having my two teenagers making oral love to me brought on indescribable feelings I had never before experienced, and I simply leaned back and let my mind and body go. It is a wonder that my wildly bucking groin didn’t injure either David or me as my rising hips collided with his descending mouth. Later, after my second crashing orgasm, it occurred to me that fucking myself back at my son must have conveyed some sort of message that I wanted his big, hard cock in me. In all honesty, I guess I really did want to be fucked by my own son. Hell, I would have welcomed Maria with a strap-on dildo.

We sat back and just smiled at one another for several minuets. At last, I said, “God I sure am glad that our computers chose today to crash. Now then, please tell me what happened today of all days to get you two started?” The kids looked toward one another guiltily and I quickly went on, “Hey, I am not being judgmental or planning to punish you or anything. I’m just curious is all”? I grinned and added, “I’m especially glad that it was today, when I could be here to enjoy having the both of you help get me off.”

Maria, always the more adventurous of the two said, “Simple enough mom. I walked past Dave’s bedroom last night, the door was slightly open and I saw him jerking off, so when he got home a while ago, I marshaled my nerve and told him that I thought it was pretty damn selfish for him to hide in his room where no one else could see and play with himself. He asked me if I ever do it behind my closed door and, well here we are.

I laughed and said, “Well here we are indeed. I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed listening and watching because I did enjoy every moment of it. I heard each of you confess that you never have had sex and, in a way, that is good news. At the same time it is a bit sad. I think there can be nothing greater than enjoying intercourse with someone you love. Guess I am surprised that you David illegal bahis siteleri haven’t bean dipping your wick in some willing young friend.

Solemnly, Dave looked at me, grinned, and said, “Don’t think for a moment that I have not been sorely tempted a few times. Guess when it comes right down to it, I have always heard you and dad telling me to keep it in my pants. I guess if it had not been for fantasies of fucking Maria while jerking off, I would have gone crazy. That is why it was so easy for her to entice me down here to masturbate with her.

Suddenly, Maria said, “Jesus Dave, you mean you fantasize about fucking me, your own sister?” Dave looked sad and said, “I’m sorry Sis, it’s just that you are so hot and because I love you so much, I just couldn’t help myself.” Maria broke into a bright smile and said, “Good, because if it were not for thoughts of your cock fucking me while I play with my pussy, I would be the most insufferable bitch anyone ever heard of.”

Dave smiled and said, “Yeah, well being naked in the same room has not done a thing to make me want you any less.” Maria laughed and looked pointedly at Dave’s raging erection and said, “I can see that Mom and I have you ready for something all right.”

My mind had been racing as I listened to the two obviously horny kids talk and, finally, I reached a decision. As calmly as I could, I asked, “Dave, do you have a rubber around here someplace?” Dave looked back at me with a curious expression and said, “No I don’t Mom. Why do you ask?” I returned his look and said, “Well Dave, I think it is time for you and Maria to finally get lucky. Wait here a minuet.”

I left the room and went to the nightstand beside the bed I share with Bob and picked out a packet of rubbers, then returned swiftly to the family room. Silently, I handed the packet to my son and said, “Better see if your sister is interested before you get yourself too worked up.” Maria laughed and said, “Better consider me asked and please get out of the way while I put one of those things on my brother. I think I should, as a minimum, feel that pole before he puts it in me.

Dave grinned and handed one of the rubbers to his sister and she lost no time kneeling in front of him and slowly and deliberately rolled it down the length of his cock. Then she got down on her back, spread her legs wide and waited for her brother to fuck her.

Dave got into position and leaning close began kissing and then probing his sister’s mouth with his tongue. She allowed him to kiss her for only a brief moment then said, “Hell with all that stuff this time Dave. I’m ready as I will ever be and just want to fuck.” She added, “Now give me that thing,” grasped her brother’s cock and tugged him to her vagina. My son just started to push into his sister when she gave a terrific heave up and impaled herself on her loving brother’s cock.

With that, almost twenty years of repressed sexual energy was released and those kids fucked as though this might be the only time in their lives they ever get to do it. Dave drove into his sister with such enthusiasm that her butt made and audible thump each time he bottomed out. Maria had been right on when she said that she was ready. Dave’s very first thrust produced a wet squishy sound that was repeated time after time until he erupted and began to spurt large quantities of come deep up inside Maria’s pussy. David paused for a moment while the first couple of jets of cum were expended then quickly resumed until Maria’s orgasm shook her young body.

I was thankful for the rubber if for no other reason than it kept me from having to clean the carpet. It may just have pushed back the inevitable day when a grandchild joined the family group. When, at last, my kids were lying side by side on the carpet, I said, “Maria, if you would really like to experience the feel of hot cum gushing into your pussy, I think I can arrange for some contraceptive pills that should make rubbers unnecessary.” I laughed and said, “Except maybe for the times when your brother fucks you in the ass. Even then, I guess it is up to you whether or not you use one of the things.”

Still naked, the three of us sat in silence. I have no idea what may have been on the minds of my kids but I leaned back and with eyes closed relived the events that had taken place since I arrived home. As I relived the sensations generated when David was eating me, I again recalled, with some embarrassment, the shameless way I had bucked my hips at his loving mouth. Finally, I looked my son in the eye and tried to apologize for the way I had let myself go. David grinned and said, “Hey Mom, there is no need for that. Didn’t you see the way I was bucking my hips? All I could think of was how good it would feel to replace my tongue in your pussy with my cock.” Maria giggled and said, “Hey, I know you two are just dieing to get it on. Why don’t you just go ahead and do it? I will even go away somewhere if my presence is stopping you.” I laughed and said, “Lord Maria, don’t think for a minuet that I wouldn’t want you canlı bahis siteleri here. It’s just that mothers are supposed to have enough self-restraint to not be fucking their own kids.”

The interchange between Maria and me gave Dave all the time necessary to approach me where I was on the couch. Gently he pushed me onto my back and began to fondle my breasts and give me deep tongue kisses. My resolve to not fuck my own son quickly disappeared and my hips began an involuntary thrusting. That motion was the only signal David needed and he quickly got into position. Both of David’s arms were supporting his upper body and were blocking me from grasping his cock to assist getting him into me. In frustration I was shifting my butt trying futilely to position myself so that he could penetrate me. Then I felt a hand brush against my pussy and knew, somehow, that Maria had jumped in to assist. A moment later I knew the thrill of having my pussy filled with my son’s cock. We both were so aroused that we began to buck and thrust immediately. I had a momentary thought about having unprotected sex and remembered, with relief, that my morning ritual includes swallowing a contraceptive pill.

David’s assault on my pussy, while not quite as smooth and loving as Bob’s, certainly was enthusiastic and fulfilled my desire to fuck and to be fucked. I glanced briefly toward Maria and saw that she was observing every movement we made while using the fingers on her right hand to masturbate. A few moments later I felt the familiar tingling that precedes an orgasm. I gave momentary thought to holding back but then knew that holding back would not be necessary. If David had not grunted, “Oh God Mom, I’m going to come,” I would have known his orgasm was imminent anyhow. A certain tensing of his muscles gave me brief notice that I was about to be filled with my own son’s sperm. The warm sensation of jetting come triggered my own release and we ceased thrusting and relaxed with his twitching, pumping cock buried deep inside me. The three of us were bathed in silence until, suddenly, Maria said, “Here Mom, lift your butt so that I can shove this old shirt in under you. Unless you really would like to have to clean the couch cushions, that is.”

We relaxed with David still ‘in-the-saddle’ for several minuets, then I opened and eye in order to see my watch and noted that it was only just after three-thirty, a scant two and a half hours since I had happened upon the kids as they were getting started with their sex games. Then a thought that had been nagging at the back of my mind popped up. ‘Christ,’ I thought, ‘Bob is going to be pissed that he missed out on all this.’

Suddenly, I sat up and said, “Hey you kids, why don’t you go up and try to rest for a while before dinner. I’ll bet your father will be mighty upset to learn that you two fucked and that I was here and didn’t try to stop you.” Maria gasped and said, “Jeez Mom does he have to know. As many times as he has lectured us about abstinence, I know he will be more than upset if he finds out what we did.” I laughed to ease her distress and said, “You just leave your father to me. Time I get through with him he will think that you two fucking one another is the best thing that could possibly happen in this family.” Then I added, “Guess I would just as soon have him find out about Dave and me fucking sometime when his cock is the one filling my pussy though.”

David grinned and asked, “So what are you going to do Mom, fuck him the minuet he walks in the door?” I grinned and said, “You got it Hon, that is exactly what I plan to do, and after you guys ‘catch’ us doing it, he will be too confused to be very upset. Now get along and get some rest. Just be wearing some clothes when you come back down after your dad gets home. If things work out the way I plan, your dad is going to fuck me right on top of the kitchen table. You two can discover us at a time when his dick is so far up inside me there will be no way on God’s green earth that his brain will work properly.”

The kids took off up the stairs and I gathered my discarded clothing and followed them up the stairs. I put everything neatly in its place and got into the shower. Afterward, I shaved my legs and armpits. Finally, I shaved the stubble that had grown out on my pubis and trimmed back the remaining narrow band of pubic hair I leave in the center just above my clit. I took great pains doing my hair then applied some of my most seductive cologne in all the places I know he loves to poke his nose. Finally when I was certain there was nothing more I could do to insure that my husband would fuck me right after coming through the back door, I went down and started to get dinner ready.

Later on, I heard the pickup pull up in front of the house and hastily removed the apron I had donned and listened for Bob’s footsteps as he came along the side of the house. I was just inside the door when it opened to admit my surprised husband. He saw me, stepped back and whistled before saying, “Hi Honey, I’m home.” We both laughed then he said, “My God Hon, you look good enough to eat. What is the occasion?” I giggled and said, “Well Honey it has been a while and I kind of thought you might like to fuck me before dinner.” Bob, grinning, said, “Before, during and after if it is all the same to you.”

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